“A Childhood Filled With Flower Gardens”


Tommy Mitchell’s metal flowers have arrived… And they’re absolutely exquisite!

 Tommy Mitchell gilded flowers // available at SummerHouse // Ridgeland, MS

These beauties are designed, fashioned, and finished by hand in North Carolina, making each one completely unique. All of the gold leafing is hand applied through a very painstaking process, adding an extra dimension of interest to the gilded pieces.

Tommy says the inspiration behind his art comes from “a childhood filled with flower gardens.” He also puts his personal mark of approval on each and every flower, shown by his signature on each piece that leaves his studio.

Tommy Mitchell gilded flowers // available at SummerHouse // Ridgeland, MS

The enclosed blooms are mounted on linen and protected by a beautiful acrylic box, some kept upright by a dainty gold stand, and others ready for wall mounting, and the non-enclosed ones make gorgeous table-top sculptures.

We are so glad to have these available now! Come see them in person if you can… You will not be disappointed!

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