A Comfortable and Elegant Before + After


We’ve got another fabulous Before + After for you guys today! Designer Elizabeth Gullett has successfully taken a room with great bones from lackluster to lust-worthy! Even though the finished product is fairly tonal, Elizabeth’s combination of textures makes this room amazingly interesting!

But before you can see this beautiful room, take a look at the BEFORE photos:

SummerHouse before and after

See? Pretty room, just in need of some help! And that’s where Elizabeth comes in…

The homeowner’s style is elegant, rustic, and classic. This is her formal living room so she wanted to put a little more elegance into this room, all while maintaining warm approachability. She wanted people to think, “Oh what a beautiful room,” but not be scared to sit in it.

Design by Elizabeth Gullett at SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS

“We mixed an elegant velvet on the sofa with a seagrass rug. The mirrored coffee table also adds another dressy element,” says Elizabeth.

But before any sample pulling began, Elizabeth found this gorgeous Carol Sneed painting, above the mantle, to use as her jumping off point. Elizabeth says, “We pulled the whole room together around this painting!”

Design by Elizabeth Gullett at SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MSElizabeth wanted everything in this room to be classic, without anything trendy, so this room would be beautiful for years and years. She and the homeowner, however, did include some ikat pillows on the sofa since that’s one thing that can easily be switched out (should ikat  go out of style anytime soon!)

Design by Elizabeth Gullett at SummerHouse | Ridgeland, MS

Let’s take a quick inventory of textures in this space:
Linen, silk, velvet, wood, glass, mirror, and seagrass. “Even though the colors are all pretty neutral, this room is super interesting because of all the texture,” Elizabeth says about this great, comfortable, elegant formal living room.


For more from Elizabeth, follow her on Pinterest!

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