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We recently had the pleasure of getting to visit with Dyann Gunter, a local artist and personal friend to many of us up here, about her beautiful artwork! Dyann is always so much fun to get to chat with, and this visit was no different! We found out a few more details about how she got started, how she met Lisa, and what her favorite type of music is! Keep reading for the full interview!

Original art by Dyann Gunter // SummerHouse // alwayssummerblog.com

1. How long have you been painting?

My first memory of drawing was at age 4. I drew dogs, horses, and faces my entire childhood, but I never painted until I got to college. I truly don’t remember learning how to paint then, even though I did paint. It was not until I was about 40 that I started to teach myself how to paint in oil, mostly doing portraits. I also started buying every art magazine I could, and I would read them cover to cover!

Original art by Dyann Gunter // SummerHouse // alwayssummerblog.com

2. How did you and Lisa meet and when did she start using your art in her projects?

I first met Lisa Palmer at Olde Town Middle School in the Band Hall. Our sons were both in the band, so that’s where Lisa and I became friends. We had a lot to talk about– especially music and art. Anyway, she asked one day to see some of my sketches. When I showed them to her, she liked a few of them, so she started selling them. Then she started showing me some abstracts that she loved, and I loved them too!!! She got me all fired up about abstract painting. I started trying my hand at abstract, and about a year later, I attended a painting workshop in Ocean Springs, MS with Robert Burridge. The class was called “Big and Loose,” which was just what I needed. I saw painting in a completely different light after that, and it became much more fun.

Original art by Dyann Gunter // SummerHouse // alwayssummerblog.com

3. What is your favorite subject matter?

Rather than painting a visible object, I use elements of texture and I paint colors and shapes and light to express emotion in my work. I play! I experiment, and I have fun! I get the greatest surprises that just seem to work most of the time.

4. What is your ideal creative environment when getting into paint mode? Any certain time of day? And certain type of music you like to have going? 

My favorite time to paint is anytime I can! Music is a must, and most any kind will do, but music from the 70’s is my favorite!

Original art by Dyann Gunter // SummerHouse // alwayssummerblog.com

5.  Where do you get most of your inspiration?

I get most of my inspiration from Lisa and the designers at SummerHouse. I’m also very inspired by other artists from Mississippi.

6. What else do we need to know about you?

Lisa introduced me to JohnRichard, a wonderful company out of Greenwood, who I have painted for for about 5 years now. It has been a life changing experience and has enabled me to become a full time painter (as of this October!) I owe so much to Lisa and all of the wonderful designers there. I love for them to call me and say, “Hey, can you come by and help me figure out what kind of painting I need!?” Summerhouse has been a huge blessing to me in my life. HUGE!!!

Original art by Dyann Gunter // SummerHouse // alwayssummerblog.com

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Thank you SO MUCH Dyann! We love getting to see you when you come up here to visit! You’re truly talented, and such a joy to work with!

To see some of Dyann’s work in person, drop by our showroom any time! We’ve always got a few of her pieces hanging!

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