A Pink Lesson

Since today is Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d educate you a little bit on PINK, the color most commonly assoicated with this fabulous day!   In researching the color, here are a few interesting facts we learned…

1.  Since pink is thought to have a tranquilizing effect, many sports teams paint their visiting team’s locker room pink in order to calm their excitement about the game, thus causing them to play less enthusiastically.

2. Pink makes most people crave sugar, so many bakeries and candy companies package their items in pink boxes, or mark them with pink labels.

3.  When career women are presented with something pink while working, their moods calm and they can think more clearly. Pink takes most women back to their childhoods.

4.  The pink ribbon is an internationally recognized symbol of hope and awareness in the battle against breast cancer.

5.  In Japan, pink is associated with masculinity.  The spring blooming of cherry trees (with pink blossoms) is said to be a representation of young fallen soldiers in the primes of their lives.

6.  The most popular shades of pink are coral and magenta

7.  The most popular Google searches for pink relate to P!NK the singer, Pink Floyd the band, the song Pink by Aerosmith, and the PINK line of womens items from Victoria’s Secret.

8.  Pretty In Pink and the Pink Panther movies are the most popular movies with pink in the title.

9.  Design related… Benjamin Moore’s top 5 pinks are….. drumroll…..

Yours Truly
Razzle Dazzle
Bermuda Pink
Bubble Bath
Drop Dead Gorgeous

Now that you know all about pink, here are a few rooms with some great pops of pink to get you going on this beautiful Monday!


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