A Visit with Brian Fuente

Brian Fuente

Brian Fuente is a really cool guy.  He is a creative powerhouse.  As well as being an amazing musician (much thanks to his mom, Lisa Palmer!) he is an extremely gifted graphic designer.  Brian, founder of Zest Creative, manages our website and designs all of the ads for SummerHouse.  He does an amazing job!  We recently took a moment to talk with him about what all he has going on…

SummerHouse: How long has Zest Creative been around?

Brian: ZEST first began under the name “Blue Creative” in January of 07′.  The name ZEST came about last December.  I was inspired to change the name because I wanted name with a little more attitude.  At that time, I also changed my vision for the business.  The real name of ZEST is “ZEST CREATIVE MARKETPLACE”.  I am the only employee of ZEST but I have a group of people that work with me on projects.

SummerHouse: What all can you offer a client?  I know, for us, you have done web and print stuff.  Is that mainly what you focus on?

Brian: ZEST is your creative marketplace or one stop shop for Photography, Web, Print, Public Relations, Television and just about all things creative.  My focus is print and design.  For example, I’ll design and project manage a website and I’ll have my programmer program the site.

SummerHouse: What is the most unique client you’ve ever been approached by?

Brian: A couple of years ago I took on a client that was a Pole Dance Fitness Instructor.  I have come to find out that Pole Dance Fitness is extremely popular here in Nashville as well as all over the country!  After launching her site and ad campaigns her business grew by 75%!

SummerHouse: What else can you tell us about Zest?

Brian: ZEST utilizes a “new” business model.  Everyone that ZEST contracts out has a home based office and are spread out.  For example, my web developer is in Boston, MA!  With the power of the web, there is no need to have the overhead of an office.  We can all do this from home and keep our costs down!  I also think that it creates an environment allowing us to all work comfortably, therefore working efficiently and creatively.  There have been times where my band has been on the road and I am working in the back of the van.  We can do everything we need to do as long as we have an internet connection!

Here are a few of Brian’s favorite SummerHouse ads from over the years:

VIP Holiday ad from 2008
Gulf Coast Wine and Dine ad
Delta Magazine ad from August
Northside Sun Holiday ad from 2009

SummerHouse: Give us a little plug for Newmatic. What exciting stuff do you have going on, and when will you be playing in MS again?!


Brian: Ha! So my band Newmatic is based here out of Nashville.  We have currently signed 7 deals with Fall reality television shows (i.e. Keeping up with The Kardashians, The Real World…).  Television placement deals can break a band and we are excited to hear our music on television.  Also, we have just currently recorded 2 new singles which should be on iTunes by next month!  You can check out the band at lovenewmatic.com

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