A Week of Gifting, Day 5


As our Week of Gifting wraps up, we bring you the sweetest of the sweet! Today’s gift guide is all about CANDY! Gourmet candy, that is!

Because of the beautiful packaging and the universal appeal of anything chocolate, we feel that these would make great gifts for ANYONE on your list! These would be especially great for corporate gifting. Who doesn’t love a beautifully packaged bunch of chocolate? Easy and super appropriate for the holidays at the workplace! 🙂


1. Chocolate Pop Sensation // $5
2. Milk Chocolate Hazlenut Truffle Firecracker // $16
3. Peppermint Bark Tin // $21
4. Dark Chocolate Salted Caramels // $9
5. Milk Chocolate Almond Caramels // $9
6. Peppermint Bark / $7
7. Dark Chocolate Cashew Bark // $7
8. Black Mission Figs // $9
9. Peppermint Pop Sensation // $10

In the event that you’ve missed our other gift guides, be sure to check out GIFTS FOR HER, GIFTS FOR HIM, GIFTS FOR THE HOSTESS, and GIFTS UNDER $100!

Merry Shopping!

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