A Week Of Gifting, Day Two


Our Week of Gifting continues!

We know how difficult it can be to come up with creative gift ideas year after year (after year…) ESPECIALLY when it comes to men! We hope our carefully assembled manly gift guide proves to be of some service for those who struggle with shopping for the guys (like so many of us do!)

 Today, we give you GIFTS FOR HIM:


{ the details }

1. Geo Wood & Iron Sculpture // $80
2. Glass Decanter // $100
3. Ski House Feu de Bois Candle // $59
4. Antler Bottle Opener // $18
5. Antiqued Corkscrew // $52
6. Heritage Display Box // $80
7. Rowe Magnifying Glass // $120
8. Black Desk Box with Turtle // $35
9. Small Staircase // $330
10. Jack Iron Sculpture // $90

In case you missed GIFTS FOR HER yesterday, be sure to check it out! And check back tomorrow for the next installment in our Week of Gifting!

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