ADAC Recap!


After a whirlwind visit to ADAC (Atlanta Decorative Arts Center) about a week or so ago, Lisa, Todd, and Elizabeth came back with beautiful fabric and furniture on the brain (as well as a TON of fabric samples to add to our fabric library!)

They had a blast and were excited to report some of their favorite finds back to us! Here are a few of the highlights…

(1) The Jerry Pair showroom was gorgeous…


(2) …As you can see!

Jerry Pair Showroom at ADAC // SummerHouse

(3) And Ainsworth Noah had a great Rose Tarlow chair that Todd totally fell in love with!

Rose Tarlow at Ainsworth Noah // SummerHouse

(4) The new Mary McDonald collection for Schumacher was rather eye-catching. Here’s a peek at one of our designers’ faves..

Mary McDonald for Schumacher // SummerHouse

Mary McDonald for Schumacher // SummerHouse

(5) After a big day of ADAC’ing, the SummerHousers met Ainsworth and Noah themselves at a great little casual restaurant for some appetizers and drinks! Our fantastic rep, Evelyn, joined as well! Spending time with these two fun guys was definitely one of the highlights of the trip!

SummerHouse staff and Ainsworth & Noah!

Thanks to everyone at all of the ADAC showrooms who was so kind to assist our staff on their visit! They truly had a great trip, and we’re all loving the great samples they brought home!

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