All Recliners Are Not Created Equal


That word will divide a room in a heartbeat! Half the world hates the oversized, overstuffed picture that pops into mind, while the other half of the world lives for evenings spent laid out watching tv.

Over the past several years, furniture manufacturers have really grasped onto the concept that, in so many cases, the men need comfy recliners while the women need sleek, clean-lined furniture. ย And we as designers are loving it!! In decades past, there has been very little middle ground on this matter. Either the woman sacrifices style for a big puffy recliner, or the man sacrifices comfort for a sleek, yet non-reclinable chair.

Thankfully all of that has changed. Many of our favorite manufacturers continue to introduce beautiful, comfortable recliners each market, and we love it! When the husband and the wife can be equally excited about a recliner, that makes for a happy designer who can pull together a beautiful yet functional room!

Here are six of our top recliner picks that meet all the requirements for the style seekers AND the comfort seekers.

Our Designers' Favorite Recliners //

Are these not beautiful!? These all blend beautifully into a chic room while providing the comfort and function desired of a recliner.

Shop one, four, and five on our online shop, then give us a call about the other three. Our designers can get you all the info you need! Also, keep in mind that this is just a tiny sampling of the recliners we have access to. If you’re looking for something different, we can help! Contact us here.

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