Birthday Girls!


This past week, we celebrated two birthdays for two very special women!

Lisa Palmer, our wonderful owner and talented lead interior designer, celebrated one more year on this earth in style while she was in High Point for market! But since only Lindsey, Marty, and Todd got to celebrate with her, we had another little get-together when she returned so the rest of us could cheers the birthday girl in person!

Happy Birthday Lisa! // SummerHouse

The other birthday fun we had this week was in honor of designer Elizabeth Gullett, who actually lives in Memphis now, but is still working with SummerHouse as a designer! (If you live in Memphis, you know who to call now! ;)) We love this girl so much and are so glad we still get to see her face every week or so when she drops in!

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

These two lovely ladies had great birthdays and we were honored to get to help them celebrate! Thanks, Lisa and Elizabeth, for everything y’all do!! XO!

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