Canopy Beds

Recently, as we were flipping through the latest issue of Traditional Home, we saw a feature on page 25 about canopy beds and felt our eyes turning into hearts as we stared at the page! These more contemporary canopy beds got us to thinking about how much we love the updated takes that so many of the lines we carry have done on this classic style. So we rounded up a few more to go along with the ones that Traditional Home liked! All of these beds can be ordered through SummerHouse! 🙂

Lorca bed by Oly Studio //

Courtney Bed by Highland House //

Faline Bed by Oly //

Artisan Poster Bed by Hickory Chair //

Marco Bed by Oly Studio //

Elegant Bed by Lilian August //

Anderkit Canopy Bed by Vanguard //

Stirling Bed by Theodore Aelxander //

Brennan Bed by Made Goods //

Believe it or not, these are just some of the ones we have access to! If you see something you like, contact us with any questions you might have and we will get you fixed up!

Thank you for stopping by today. We hope you had a great weekend! XO!

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