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Brian Fuente has been busy busy busy lately! Lisa’s talented son (and former contestant on The Voice!) took a few minutes out of his fast-paced schedule to answer a few questions to catch us up to speed on his life as of late! Thank you, Brian, for indulging us!

BRIAN FUENTESH: What’s the most exciting career opportunity you’ve had in the past 6 months or so?

BF: Wow, the past six months have been very busy. I got the chance to put one of the best bands I have ever had together back in August. I have written what I think are the best songs I have ever written.
I released my first EP as a solo artist in October and then released my first music video in November. It’s been BUSY!

I would also have to say that I started recording my first full length at the beginning of December which I am pumped about.

You have a new band since last we blogged about you! Can you tell us about The Shadows?

The Shadows consist of:

Damon Lascot (Guitar) who toured with Meatloaf for years.
Tony James (drums) – playd with Cindi Lauper, Billy Squier, Mariah Carey and also an Emmy nominated actor. You may have seen him on Disney’s Out of The Box.
Brian Carrion (keyboards, Guitar)

These are some of my closest friends and some of the most talented musicians I have ever shared the stage with.

We hear you’ve been in the recording studio a lot lately… What sort of feel can we expect from your next record?

So the EP that I released in October titled “1983” paid homage to the early 80’s when I was born. This new record is going to be MUCH different. It’s going to be more modern with big hooks, pristine production and it will definitely be more marketable in my opinion. I am spending nearly 7 days a week for 2 months on this record. We are shooting for 10-11 songs total.

Fabulous! Speaking of that record… When is it scheduled to be available for music hungry fans like us?!

I am shooting to release the new record in March but that could be more of an unrealistic expectation. It seems to always take longer than you expect it to. I have to be very careful on how and when I release this record. It’s extremely important that I have all of my ducks in a row when I release it. You can’t just put out a record independently and expect people to just buy it. Marketing, PR and branding is absolutely everything!

Oh yeah! So what else has been going on in your world that we need to know about?

Well in between recording a record, keeping up with SummerHouse’s advertising and trying to catch a little sleep, I must say not much. I am preparing to go on tour at the end of the month to California Jan. 24 – Feb 4 that I am really looking forward to.

That’s awesome! Ok, total change of subject for a minute: What’s your favorite piece of SummerHouse furniture you have? 🙂

The Dexter by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
The Dexter by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

My Mitchell Gold Dexter Sofa has been with me since 07′ and I must say that it’s been through a lot and still looks AMAZING and super comfortable!

LOVE Dexter! What are you most looking forward to in the new year?

What I look forward to most this year is taking my career to a new level. I have spent thousands of hours preparing for this year and I truly believe that all of the hours put in will pay off in 2013!

We have FULL confidence that they will!! Thanks again for taking a minute to chat! We love us some Brian Fuente! 

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