Decking A Dorm Room: Part III

Part III of Decking a Dorm Room is here! We are so excited to share more of designer Katherine Shelton’s secrets to make your dorm room the most fabulous in the dorm! Today we are focusing on how to organize elegantly. Here are some great tips to maximize your smaller space while still making your dorm room feel chic, organized, and just like home!

+ Raise your bed – Bunk beds are always a fun idea, however, we have found it to be more practical to raise both of the beds instead. By raising the beds, each roommate will have their own space and have plenty of room under it for storage.

+ Bed skirt – A custom bed skirt is vital if you raise your bed. Add velcro to the ledge of the bed and back of the fabric and the bed skirt will cover the storage under your bed and the fabric will add more style to your room!

+ Bar cart – Once the bed is raised, it will give you plenty of room for a dresser and other storage. We love the idea of adding a small bar cart under your bed with a coffee maker, mugs, and other coffee accessories. Your friends will thank you during study sessions and your wallet will thank you for not visiting the coffee shop before every test! This could also sit out from under your bed if you have the space of course!

+ Stool/Ottoman – Stools are perfect to place right next to your bed. It will serve many purposes: stepping stool to get onto the raised bed, a seat for guests, and storage. We recommend an ottoman that allows the cushion to come off.. this is great storage for scarves, snacks, the list goes on and on!

+ Stacked boxes and assorted bowls- We have a variety of fabulous boxes and bowls to store jewelry, office supplies, makeup or you can even add them to your bar cart for coffee, sugar, and tea bags!

Dorm Room Organizing // Always Summer Blog

Dorm Room Organizing // Always Summer Blog

+ Tray – Adding a tray (pictured above) is a great way to pull everything together as well as create a flat surface atop beds and ottomans to put drinks and food on. Andddd check out this fun tray we have… you can create your own bottom image and change it up as much as you’d like!!

Dorm Room Organizing // Always Summer Blog

+ Canisters – These are great to store bathroom products, your favorite candy, and many other nick-nacks that you don’t just want lying around.

Dorm Room Organizing // Always Summer Blog
Thank you for the tips Katherine!
We hope this series of Decking A Dorm Room has been helpful! Designer Katherine Shelton would love to help you design the perfect dorm room for your and your roommate! You can call us and ask for her at 601.853.4445 or email her at

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Decking A Dorm Room: Part II

In Part I of Decking a Dorm Room, Designer Katherine Shelton gave you ten tips for making a dorm room feel like home, while showing off you and your roommate’s personal style. Today, Katherine has put together an inspiration board to show you exactly how to pull it all together!

Dorm Room


Add some ivory pillow shams, a bed shirt, and drapes and your dorm room is sure to be a showstopper! See an item you want or interested in having Katherine design your dorm room? Email her at or give her a call – 601.853.4445!

Stay tuned for Part III of Decking a Dorm Room. Katherine will share clever ways to organize and maximize space in your dorm!
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Ten Tips for Decking a Dorm Room

It’s that time of year! High school seniors have decided what college they will attend in the fall, picked a roommate, and have their orientation date booked. The next step – finding out their dorm assignment!

Designing an eye-catching space is a must for girls in college these days. Unfortunately, it can be a daunting task. Not only is it a small space, but that space has to be shared with another girl. Luckily, there are TONS of tips and tricks to maximize the efficiency of a dorm room while bringing in decor that fits each girl’s personal style.

Today, we are kicking off Part I of Decking a Dorm Room! Did you know that we can help you design your/your daughter’s dorm? We sat down with SummerHouse designer Katherine Gatlin Shelton and asked her for ten of her best tips for designing a dorm room. Grab your notepad or hook up your printer.. You’ll want to keep these tips! Here is what she had to say…

  1. Custom Headboards.  Neutral linen or velvet fabric with nailhead or contrast cord.  It is smart to think resale when designing these headboards.

2. Four Drawer Bedside Chest. This needs to be tall and wide with enough storage to accommodate both girls.

3. Matching lamps to go on top of your chest.  Each girl will need her on light in her life!:)  Lamps can be colorful or neutral depending on the chest finish and overall room design.

4. Storage Ottomans for the end of each bed.  A girl can never have enough seating for company and this is a great way to accommodate guests as well as a clever place to store all of our infinity scarfs.

5. Fun Desk Chairs. This is a great place to bring in Lucite, or lacquered finishes as well as a great pop of graphic fabric.

6. Modern Art is a great way for each girls to express herself and give the room a style of its own.

7. Upholstered bulletin boards for party pics.  Great way to bring all the room’s fabrics together to coordinate the space.

8. Bedding, and make it fabulous.  You must have lots of layers.  Euro, standard, bolster and lumbar pillows, coverlet, plush duvet, and skirt.

9. Drapery to soften your window and wall.

10. Don’t Forget Your Jewelry!! Accessories are a must in our fashion and decor. Books stacked with a bowl on top.  Starburst mirrors, soft throws placed on the back of your chair, several sizes of boxes stacked on top of each other and just the right color and scale is most important.

The room pictured below is a great example of maximizing space, while creating a cozy ambiance that exudes personal style that is sure to make your girl feel right at home.

Ten Tips for Decking Your Dorm Room | Always Summer Blog

{image via Pinterest}

Katherine would love to help you with your next dorm room project! Give us a call and ask for her – 601.853.4445! We hope you enjoyed Part I of Decking a Dorm Room. Stay tuned for Part II next week where we will dig deeper into designing the perfect dorm room.

Thanks for stopping by and happy dorm room decking!!!

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