Designer of the Week Katie Carone

SummerHouse Designer of the Week Katie CaroneOur current designer of the week is our newest designer Katie Carone! She joined our team in April and has been so much fun to have around! We love seeing this mama’s belly grow as she prepares to welcome her first child at the end of this year! We could not be more excited for her!!

We did a fun little Q&A with here so here it is!

What is your favorite design trend right now and why?

I am actually ALL about florals right now!! You’re seeing it in fashion but also in textiles and home decor and I don’t think it’s going to be going away any time soon. I’ve never been a super girly girl, I usually lean more towards edgier looks in fashion as well as decor, but with the florals right now, my softer side is definitely coming out. Not that all florals have to be girly or fussy. I’m actually seeing a good bit of darker versions with jewel tones, blacks and golds which is perfect for Fall, as well as muted more abstract takes on traditional floral prints. I’m loving floral so much, I actually did the accent wall in our daughter’s nursery a beautiful watercolor-esque muted large print floral wallpaper in soft pinks,bieges and grays and my husband and I both absolutely adore it!!

What’s your favorite room in a home to design? Why?

I love designing Master Bedrooms. In our home, its personally my favorite room. I feel like it should be a comfortable, calming space to retreat, relax and enjoy each other’s company after a long day. Whether curled up in a cozy bed with great linens or lounging in a beautiful chair to read a book, I always try to pick soothing color palettes and comfortable fabrics and textures to also make this room a favorite space for my clients.

Tell us about your favorite project to date and what you love about that particular project!

My favorite project to date is definitely our daughter Ava Ryn’s nursery. My husband and I are pregnant with our first child due in December so this has been a complete labor of love, not to mention super fun!! I’ve always loved designing children’s rooms and nurseries, but this one is of course very near and dear to my heart. It’s the first room in our home I have completely designed, as every other room in our home is his, mine and ours. This room is all baby girl and I love it!! I finally feel the satisfaction that I give my clients from their perspective. Although I’m always thrilled when projects are complete, sometimes I feel like I’m as happy as they are with our end result… But now I truly know the joy and excitement I give my clients and its an awesome feeling!

SummerHouse Designer of the Week Katie Carone

Is there a publication, book, blog, website, magazine that has just really inspired you lately? Tell us about it!

I get a lot of inspiration from Atlanta Homes magazine. It’s a great magazine that showcases beautiful home interiors, gardens, and remodels and is extremely current and up to date with the latest trends in interiors.
SummerHouse Designer of the Week Katie Carone
/ / / / /  \ \ \ \ \
Thank you Katie for sharing with us! That nursery looks beautiful! We know Ava Ryn will LOVE her room!!
Thank you so much for dropping in today! Don’t forget that our Pink Ribbon Sale and the MGBW Fall Event (which has been extended through 10/22)  are currently going on! Also! Don’t forget about Lisa’s High Point Market instagram takeover coming on Sunday! We can’t wait to see her favorite finds from market!
Have a great day!!
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Designer of the Week: Lindsey Townsend

SummerHouse Interior Designer of the Week Lindsey Townsend Our current Designer of the Week is Lindsey Townsend! This talented, beautiful, hard-working chick keeps us constantly inspired with her amazing projects! We love being able to work alongside Lindsey! Get to know her a little better as a designer in this Q&A!

1 – Tell us about a few of your favorite details in a project you’re currently working on!

I am very excited to be working on a new construction project with a renowned architect. The home is just in its beginning phase and will take about 18 months from start to finish to complete. The architecture and landscape plan is absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to add my touches to the interior design. The style of the home is French Caribbean. It will be flooded with natural light, beautiful antique beams, oak floors, Limestone fireplaces and oyster Firerock concrete pavers throughout the exterior. I plan to devote much detail and attention to everything in the interior from the cabinetry, ceilings, doors styles, hardware, stone selections, lighting, and color palette throughout.

2 – Is there a publication, book, blog, website, magazine that has just really inspired you lately? Tell us about it!

I have really been inspired lately by Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine. Luxe has a strong focus on the architecture of a home and how it relates to the interior. Which I feel is so important. The interior design of a home should flow seamlessly with the architecture and surroundings of the space. I am in the middle of a few projects I have been working on from the ground up. Luxe has been very helpful with inspiration for new flooring designs and door and cabinetry details, along with wood stains and ceiling details.

SummerHouse Interior Designer of the Week Lindsey Townsend

3 – What’s your favorite room in a home to design? Why?

My favorite space to design in a home would be the Living Room. It is where most of your time is spent with family and entertaining friends. It usually sets the tone for the design of the rest of the home. It is most often the largest space, so I can be creative with furniture layouts, mixing of pieces, layering of textures and color palettes.

4 – Tell us about your favorite project to date and what you love about that particular project!

I am very proud of a new construction home I completed earlier this year. I spent over 2 years on the project. The architect and builder on the project were great. We all worked very well together. It is absolutely imperative to have a good team behind you, that works well together when completing a project of this scope. The home is on the water at Lost Rabbit. The architecture itself was very inspiring. To list just a few features… It is flooded with natural light, beautiful stone and tile selections, unique lighting, an art collection that is to die for, and a 22′ glass Nano Wall that completely opens up to the main level balcony. The clients were absolutely amazing and really committed to my design plan for the entire house. It turned out beautifully and was recently photographed. Should be up on our website very soon!

SummerHouse Interior Designer of the Week Lindsey Townsend

Thanks so much, Lindsey! Keep up the great work!! 🙂

View past Designer of the Week interviews here!

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Seeking Interior Designer!

SummerHouse in Ridgeland, MS

We come to you a little bit sad today because our sweet and talented designer Mary Courtney made the decision a couple of weeks ago to leave SummerHouse and work from home so she can spend more time with her beautiful babies! Her last day was Friday 🙁 We are so happy for her and know this is a great move for her family, but we are SO sad to be losing her!

Because of this transition, we now have a position open! We are looking for a new Interior Designer to join our team!

SummerHouse in Ridgeland, MS

Here’s some info about the position:

We are currently seeking qualified interior designers who wish to work in a creative and fast paced environment. Duties include, but are not limited to, showroom sales and full scale interior design projects. Full scale interior design projects include the selection of exterior finishes, interior finishes, furniture and fabric selections, as well as coordinating installations. SummerHouse specializes in beautiful and fashion forward interiors while giving the highest level of client service. Quality benefits and a competitive compensation structure are included. Candidates must possess strong verbal and written communication skills, superb organizational skills, a positive work ethic, strong sales ability and a solid design foundation. A degree in interior design and sales experience in this field is preferred.

And here’s a little bit about your work environment! 🙂

SummerHouse in Ridgeland, MS

SummerHouse in Ridgeland, MS

SummerHouse in Ridgeland, MS

If this position sounds like something you’d enjoy, then shoot us your resume! We look forward to hearing from you!

ALSO- if you are in the Oxford, MS area and looking for a design position, click here. We’re hiring for our new location up there! 🙂 Yay!

Hope you’re having a great day so far! Thanks for stopping by!

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Designer of the Week: Katy Sanders

SummerHouse Designer of the Week Katy Sanders Every few weeks, we pick a different designer to feature as our designer of the week! It’s so much fun for us to really focus in on one designer at a time and see what they’ve been working on, what’s caught their eye, and where they turn for inspiration!

Our newest designer of the week is Katy Sanders! This girl has been working extra hard lately and has pulled together some beautiful rooms! Find out about what’s most inspired her lately, her favorite recent project, and much more! Keep reading!

Tell us about a few of your favorite details in a project you’re currently working on!

My latest project involved a complete living room design for a home in the Bridgewater subdivision. Having downsized to one main living area, my clients needed a comfortable, casual, user-friendly space. I chose slipcovered pieces, warm wood tones, and natural fibers.

Here’s a look at the final selections. We cannot wait for the install this fall!

SummerHouse Designer of the Week Katy Sanders

What is your favorite design trend right now?

I am excited to finally see a shift from cooler tones back to natural, earthy palettes. Most recently, I have been drawn to designs that incorporate warm neutrals, jewel tone accents, matte finishes and mixed materials. My husband and I are building a home this fall, and I am looking forward to adding a few of these details myself!

Is there a publication, book, blog, website, or magazine that has just really inspired you lately? Tell us about it!

The fall issue of Milieu Magazine is absolutely stunning and so inspiring. Designer Betsy Brown’s home in Birmingham is featured. It is breathtaking, and her attention to detail is incredible. Some of the most beautiful designs can be found here in the south!

SummerHouse Designer of the Week Katy Sanders

Inspired by Birmingham, AL designer Betsy Brown

Inspired by Birmingham, AL designer Betsy Brown

Inspired by Birmingham, AL designer Betsy Brown

What’s your favorite room in a home to design? Why?

The master bedroom is one of my favorite spaces to design. While many clients overlook this area, I encourage people to make this a priority. I have heard countless times, “No one goes in there but us.” BUT, it is so important. It’s a personal space where you wind down and rejuvenate, and that is definitely worthy of some design attention! I love helping clients transform their bedrooms into relaxing, beautiful retreats.

/ / / / /

Thank you, Katy, for sharing with us! You inspire all of us!

Have a GREAT week and thanks for dropping in today!

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What Sets SummerHouse Apart?

What is SummerHouse?

SummerHouse is a beautiful place that acquired its name after owner Lisa Palmer spent a week vacationing in Florida’s renown 30A several years back. The vibes she got while on that sunny stretch of heaven on earth were the vibes she wanted to deliver to the clients of her growing interior design business. She loved the way their rental house for that summer week made her feel.

SummerHouse 🙂

Fast forward several years and not only is SummerHouse a business where Lisa Palmer makes clients happy, or a showroom that inspires its visitors with its unique mix of modern, classic, funky, and soft. It’s also a design family. SummerHouse has grown to employ seven interior designers, and that is what makes us unique! We are not just a store. We’re not just a design group. We are a design HOUSE! We sell directly off the floor. Our design services are free to those who purchase from us. Our designers are all trained designers with degrees in their field!

The SummerHouse Designers

SummerHouse is a powerhouse of talent! Our designers care. They love their work and it shows. They love detail. They value superior client service. They go the extra mile. They listen to those for whom they design.

SummerHouse is special. We’d love the opportunity to show you a SummerHouse experience. We will work within your budget to deliver maximum style and maximum satisfaction. And we look forward to doing so!

Come in and meet Lisa, Katy, Mary Courtney, Katie, Lindsey, Elish, and Katherine. Any of these talents will work their hardest to make you happy! We can’t wait to see you!

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Designer of the Week: Elish Phares Moon

SummerHouse Interior Designer of the Week: Elish Phares Moon // www.alwayssummerblog.comWe’re beginning a new round of our always popular Designer of the Week series! Going first is Interior Designer Elish Phares Moon! We love having this girl as a part of our team and love hearing more about her favorite project to date, the item she longs to have in her house, and much more! Keep reading! 🙂

What is your favorite design trend right now and why?

My favorite design trend right now is actually designers who are using their expertise to explore designs a little off the beaten path. In a new generation of clients who are Pinterest, HGTV, and internet educated it’s sometimes difficult for interior designers to “wow” their clients. I love seeing designs that aren’t replicas of the most commonly pinned bathroom on Pinterest. I’m not pointing fingers- I’m definitely guilty of sometimes seeking inspiration online before wracking my own brain. But I’ve been really inspired lately not by perfectly replicated designs, but by the designers and clients who take a little liberty with trying out new things!

We know designers always have a little pile of samples of things that they hope to be able to use in their own homes one day… Tell us about one thing that’s in your current pile and why you love it or how you plan to use it!

I am very guilty of having a “happy” pile for my future home. Right now my favorite thing is the most unessential. I am completely in love with a jeweled Samuel & Sons trim. I stare at it longingly often and dream of ways to make it work. Of course, having a seasoned design eye, I chose something very costly. I’m just like my clients though- I need to be practical. I need a home that is inviting and that doesn’t have a warning sign at the door- “no one under the age of 5, though sippy cups are welcome”. I need practical! But that doesn’t mean I haven’t ruled out a gorgeous trim on future drapery. Your home has to make YOU happy first and foremost. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

SummerHouse Interior Designer of the Week: Elish Phares Moon //

What’s your favorite room in a home to design? Why?

 My favorite room to design is a living room. It’s the heartbeat of the house (second only to the kitchen) where many memories are made. I like the challenge of creating a beautiful but functional space. That one room really needs to be the full package. It has to be visually appealing, functional, the hub for the house. I think a successful living room design is incredibly rewarding.

Tell us about your favorite project to date and what you love about that particular project! 

My favorite project to date has been a roughly 14 month project in Oxford, MS. We just had our first install for the project last week and I’ve never had a more rewarding experience. It wasn’t the scale of the project (though large), the budget, or the location. It was an incredibly close relationship with a client equally dedicated to not sacrificing details in her home. The projects that I consistently walk away from feeling accomplished and gratified, are the ones that reflect an open and communicative relationship with my client. It shows in every detail: the cohesiveness of rooms, materials, etc.. We worked hard to be on the same page throughout and I think it shows. I feel very grateful for the opportunity to have learned so much and gained such experience… and to have a project I can walk away from proud I have my name on it.

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Meet Della!

Meet Della Turner @SummerHouse!Meet Della Turner! Della is our new receptionist and we are so happy to have her as the newest member of the SummerHouse team! If you haven’t had the chance to meet her yet, do yourself a favor and get up here and introduce yourself! This woman is wonderful!

Get to know her a little better…

1. Tell us a little about yourself! Your family, where you’re from… All that good stuff!

I am Della Turner, a long time resident of Rankin Co. I am a mother of two daughters and I love being their mom! l also have the cutest dog who is a great joy in my life. Spending time with my family and good friends is what I like to do in my free time. I like to travel and see new places!

2. What was your first impression of SummerHouse?

I first went to the website and looked around at the photos and thought wow. But when I went in for my interview and started to look around, I went WOW!

3. What is your favorite item in the store right now? (We know it probably changes daily!) 😉

One of my favorite things is a black and white pillow by VRUGS. There is also a Marco chestnut/pecan chair that I love because I can see it in my home!

4. What’s the best movie you’ve seen lately?

Finding Dory. Kind of corny huh! Even though my daughters are older, we still enjoy watching Disney films together sometimes.

5. How do you take your caffeine?

My caffeine of choice is Mountain Dew!

6. What’s your favorite meal? (Can be homemade or at a restaurant!)

My favorite meal is a roast with carrots, onion, bell peppers and potatoes, slow cooked in a crock pot. Collards greens, corn bread, garlic mashed potatoes and a tall glass of sweet tea. I am a true southern girl!

7. Tell us something about yourself that we don’t know yet!

One thing that no one here knows yet is that my birth name is Della Reece. When I tell people that, they always ask if I was named after the singer Della Reese! I really don’t know, and then they ask if I sing! And the answer is YES! Mostly at church. 🙂

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Date Night Recap

Date Night at SummerHouse with Kendall Poole Event Planning //

So last Thursday, we hosted a Date Night event with our event planning friend Kendall Poole! (It’s the one we told you about here!)

Models, brides, grooms, friends, Kendall Poole staff and SummerHouse staff enjoyed a beautiful evening of Sombra, Char Bar, swag bags, beautiful clothes from Treehouse Boutique and Great Scott, and great design advice from Lisa!

Here are some photos recapping the evening!

Date Night at SummerHouse with Kendall Poole Event Planning //

Date Night at SummerHouse with Kendall Poole Event Planning //

Date Night at SummerHouse with Kendall Poole Event Planning //

Date Night at SummerHouse with Kendall Poole Event Planning //

Date Night at SummerHouse with Kendall Poole Event Planning //

Date Night at SummerHouse with Kendall Poole Event Planning //

Date Night at SummerHouse with Kendall Poole Event Planning //

Date Night at SummerHouse with Kendall Poole Event Planning //

Date Night at SummerHouse with Kendall Poole Event Planning //

Date Night at SummerHouse with Kendall Poole Event Planning //

Date Night at SummerHouse with Kendall Poole Event Planning //

Date Night at SummerHouse with Kendall Poole Event Planning //

Date Night at SummerHouse with Kendall Poole Event Planning //

It was such a great night! We had a ball making lots of new friends! Thanks to everyone who was able to be a part of this fun night. We can’t wait to to it again!

We hope your week is off to a great start!

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Meet Our Summer Intern, Mollie!

SummerHouse's Intern, Mollie Williams! // www.alwayssummerblog.comYou need to meet our summer intern, Mollie Williams! We are so happy to have Mollie around to help us stay organized, help the designers with little projects, and to share little bits of design wisdom and reality with! Mollie, you have been a joy so far! We are so glad we get to have you for the rest of the summer! 🙂

A little Q&A with Mollie…

Tell us about yourself! Where you’re from, about your family, where you went to school… All that fun stuff!

Well, I was born in Jackson, AL and moved here to Mississippi when I was 2 years old. I am from Pearl! I have 2 older brothers and a huge family that is always there when I need them. Growing up I was a gymnast for about 13 years. I graduated from Pearl High School in 2009. I have an Associates Degree from Hinds Community College and I am a senior interior design major at the University of Southern Miss!

What was your first impression of SummerHouse?! 

My first impression of SummerHouse was the people. Everyone here has been so nice and I feel like part of the family now.

What has been your favorite interior design class so far?

That’s a tough one, but so far I would say it’s a tie between Design Media and BIM (Revit) when we designed a restaurant.

What’s your favorite local restaurant in the area?

In town, Jason’s Deli, but my heart and soul would say Froghead Grill in Clinton!

How do you describe your personal design style?

My personal design style would be like contemporary, comfy, light neutral tones, with a splash of color. Modern meets Classic.

What’s your favorite way to spend a lazy weekend?

A perfect lazy weekend is a date with my bed and Netflix!

What has been your favorite type of design to work on in school? Tell us what you love about it!

So far, I like residential and restaurant design. My favorite part about residential is designing the bedroom and bathrooms. I would love to work with clients and to one day make their home comfy and accessible. To see them happy brings joy to my heart. As far as restaurant design, I like it because you can go crazy with the lights, colors, and different types of furniture. People don’t just go to restaurants to eat. At least I know I don’t! The first impression happens whenever they walk through the door.

What else do we need to know about you?!

Well, my favorite colors are green and pink. I am a Christ follower. I love animals. My family is the most important thing to me in the world. I have 5 nieces and nephews. After graduation, I will finally own a dog and therefore will become a “dog” Mommy! My fantasy career would to one day be a famous singer or end up on Television somehow.

/ / / / / / / / / /

Thank you, Mollie! You have been such a wonderful help around here so far! 🙂

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Meet Anabel

Meet SummerHouse Deisgn Assistant Anabel Wilson! // www.alwayssummerblog.comWe want to introduce you to our newest design assistant, Anabel Wilson, today! This girl is awesome. Let’s get our Q&A on!

1. Tell us about yourself!

I’m originally from Jackson..Belhaven to be exact! I graduated from MSU in Interior Design, but it took a second for me to get to that point. My first year in college I went to Ole Miss and switched my major THREE TIMES because I was so not wanting to leave Ole Miss (who can blame me?): Art History, Nursing (this lasted 3 weeks into the spring semester), and Graphic Design. I finally got the courage to transfer to MSU three weeks before classes started.

My mom is an artist and she has dabbled in just about every kind of creative thing (photography, ceramic design, oil painting, and home renovation) so I think that’s where I got the design-bug. I have an older sister (Madison) and a younger brother (Henley). My mom, (Joy) has two labradoodles, who are now the apples of her eye. Their names are Lucy and Scout.

I am newly engaged and getting married in August to my very best friend, Michael Tate Webb (its a double name, aren’t we the cutest??) Michael Tate and I have one 11 year old cat named Mama Roux (Roux for short)

I am an avid supporter of brunch, all things champagne, craft beer, cats, shrimp and grits, and New Orleans.

2. Why did you go into interior design?

Easily one of the easiest and hardest questions. Why is it so hard to put such a passion into words? I have always wanted to pursue a career in Interior Design and once I got to MSU I knew I made the best choice for myself and my future. Interior Design isn’t just a career path, it is 100% a way of life, seeking out the next big design and creating successful designs that make a client feel their best.

3. What was your first impression of SummerHouse?

I have followed Summerhouse for Lord only knows how long. I think I really started paying attention when I started college, so about 5 years ago? I think one of the many things I love about SH is their mix of modern and traditional styles and how they make “good design” possible for ANYONE. It wasn’t until I started working here a few weeks ago that I not only love that, but the atmosphere and the girls make this more than just a job.

4. If you could take one piece from the showroom floor home with you today, which would it be?!

It would easily be the linen bed sheets we have on one of the beds downstairs and without a doubt the Lauren Lachance pieces. Absolutely dreamy!

Lauren Lachance Love //

5. What’s the best trip you’ve been on lately?

The best trip I’ve been on as of today would be Holmes State Park for Thanksgiving. We always stay in the cabins and fish, hike, and relax! This was also particularly special because it’s when I got engaged! I also just got done camping and kayaking, and I have a giant bruise on my leg to prove it!!

6. What band or type of music are you really into right now?

I’m going to go ahead and say it, my fiance has great taste in music so he introduces me to great music almost every week. But one artist that has my attention right now is Taj Mahal. “Leaving Trunk” and “Lovin’ In My Baby’s Eyes” are something I have to listen to at least once while I’m getting ready for work!

7. What’s your favorite social media platform and why!?

Instagram. Duh. I’m not going to say I take the most artistic pictures. A lot of them are more “in the moment” pictures, but a lot of times my brother, sister, and I communicate through the funny pictures.
Twitter comes in a hard 2nd place though, because I like to think I’m way funnier than I really am… Chrissy Tiegan is the queen of Twitter!

8. What’s your favorite design publication?

I absolutely love Architectural Digest magazine and to this day Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent’s pent house in NYC is life changing.

(we totally agree!)

Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent NYC Apartment from Architectural Digest //

9. What’s your favorite local hangout?

We love Finian’s Pub! But if it all comes down to it, we love grilling out and either our house or our friends’ houses.

10. What else do we need to know about you?

– I can quote Steel Magnolias and Dumb and Dumber
– I don’t know what my natural hair color is anymore
– My mom is one of my best friends
– I love holding babies
– I am a proud Jacksonian, even the pot holes at times… (Just kidding, I don’t like the pot holes)
– Kitchen and bathroom design make me giddy. Like I love kitchen and bathroom design.
– It is a close call between my dream car: a Volvo SUV or a 1997 Jeep Cherokee, which was my first car.

/ / / / / \ \ \ \ \

Thank you Anabel for allowing all of us to get to know you a little better! You’ve already been a killer addition to our team! 😉 XO!

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We’re on Snapchat!

Hello, friends!

We wanted to let you know that we are now on Snapchat and we are REALLY excited about it! Most of our staff LOVE this form of social media so we decided to make our own account. We are already having such a blast with it!

We’d love your follow! Our handle is shopsummerhouse – same as our twitter and instagram! We’re excited to share a little more of our behind-the-scenes goings on and up-to-the-minute news! We’ll try to make it entertaining for you! 😉

SummerHouse on Snapchat!

Thanks for stopping by today! See ya on the snap! XO!

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Meet Katie Carone!

SummerHouse's newest interior designer, Katie Carone! We have a new designer up here that all of you need to get to know! Her name is Katie Carone and we are LOVING having her on our team so far! (And she just started!) As we do with all of our newbies, we had a quick little Q&A so we could all find out a little more about this talented designer!

Tell us a little about you!

My husband and I have been married for almost 3 years and we live on the Reservoir. I love where we live because being around water and nature makes me so happy..I’d actually love to live on the beach one day. I’m the oldest of 3 girls and was born and raised in Madison. I have 2 nieces Hailey Kate and Stella Grace and they are the cutest and sweetest little girls ever!! I graduated from Madison Central, but was actually in Catholic school at St. Joe 1st-10th grade. I went to college at Ole Miss where I graduated with an Art Degree in 2006.

As a designer, what inspires you most?

There are so many things that inspire me… Fashion, architecture, eating at beautiful new restaurants, but mainly my fellow designers. I get inspired watching them work on projects… Seeing how and why they pull a certain fabric or pick a certain paint color. I love collaborating and brainstorming together and feeding off each other’s creativity. I love what I do!!!

What’s your favorite TV show?!

I actually have several faves..The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, Bates Motel, Game of Thrones, and every single one of The Real Housewives (don’t judge!)

Have you been on any cool trips recently? Tell us more! 🙂

I actually just got back from Orange Beach with an awesome group of girls for my fabulous sister-in-law’s bachelorette trip!!

What’s your favorite local restaurant in the area and why?

Amerigo! I’m Italian, my husband’s Italian and we Love great Italian food..I crave it at least once a week

SummerHouse's newest interior designer, Katie Carone! Is there a color or design trend you’re really into right now?

I’m really into gold right now..I love it on accent pieces and accessories.

What’s your favorite design publication?

Elle Decor

What might we find you doing on a day off of work?

I love being outside!! When I’m off and it’s nice outside, I’m working in my yard or riding my bike!

When did you realize you wanted to be a designer?

I was always creative. My mom said from the time I was about 7, I started moving the furniture in my room around on a monthly basis… sometimes more than that! It kind of became an obsession. I would swipe accessories from other rooms in our house to use in decorating my room… It started early!

What’s your first impression of SummerHouse?

Stunning and welcoming!

What else do we need to know about you?!

I’m a neat freak… Maybe a little OCD. I literally can’t leave the house with my bed un-made. And I LOVE animals!!!! We had the sweetest most beautiful Malamute named Sophie for 11 1/2 years, but she passed away last May. She was hilarious and would howl to the song Happy Birthday every time she heard it! We miss her terribly and haven’t been able to get another one yet but hopefully we’ll be able to adopt another baby sometime soon.

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Our Guys

In a recent photo shoot for some updated pictures of our incredible warehouse and delivery guys, we got some pretty hilarious outtakes that we just had to share!

SummerHouse Warehouse and Delivery Team //

Josh looks great even if he does get a case of the giggles in the middle of a picture! 😉

SummerHouse Warehouse and Delivery Team //

Korderro is our big teddy bear! The sweetest, most cheerful guy, as you can tell!

SummerHouse Warehouse and Delivery Team //

… and Kendrick is always up to something! Ha! He’s a great/hard worker for whom we are very thankful! 😉

SummerHouse Warehouse and Delivery Team //

We also thought now was as good of a time as any to give them a huge shout out for the amazing job they do! We are very blessed to have each of these guys as a part of our team and just think the world of each of them! THANK YOU to you guys! We couldn’t do it without you!!

SummerHouse Warehouse and Delivery Team //

SummerHouse Warehouse and Delivery Team //

Lots and lots of love! XO!

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Featured on Inspiration Mississippi


We are so honored that Inspiration Mississippi chose to feature the SummerHouse designers on their blog! In this post, the designers all answered a few questions about their background, the importance of design, how they would describe the SummerHouse Style and more!

>> Read the full post here! >>

Thank you Christina Foto for taking such fantastic pictures of the designers!

SummerHouse Designer Elish Phares Moon //

SummerHouse Designer Camille Holland Parker //

SummerHouse Designer Todd Prince //

SummerHouse Designer Lindsey Townsend //

SummerHouse Designer Mary Courtney Johns //

SummerHouse Designer Katy Hines //

Thanks so much for dropping by today! And thanks again to Inspiration Mississippi for the lovely feature! 🙂

Have a great day!

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Meet Katherine!


We are so thrilled to have interior designer Katherine Shelton back at SummerHouse! She was here for several years, then got married, moved away, had a couple of beautiful boys, and is back in the Jackson area getting right back into her SummerHouse groove! For those of you who don’t have the pleasure of knowing Katherine, here is a quick Q&A to find out a little more about her!

(1) Tell us a little about yourself!SummerHouse Interior Designer Katherine Shelton //

My name is Katherine Gatlin Shelton from Madison, MS. I am married to Rustin Shelton and we have three children together, all boys! We spend most all of our time playing baseball, football, and soccer.

(2) What is your favorite way to spend a day off of work?

Favorite way to spend a day off of work… I like to sleep in, go for a run, and get a mani/pedi!

(3) Why are you most looking forward to being back at SummerHouse?!

I am so excited to be back at Summerhouse! I love working in such a beautiful environment with so much design inspiration everywhere you look.

(4) What is the best movie you’ve seen in the last year or so?

Because I have children, the best movie I have seen in the past year is Disney’s Brave. My boys and I LOVE watching this movie!

(5) How do you take your caffeine?

I like flavored coffees with three creams and one splenda. The flavor I’m really liking right now is Caramel Vanilla!

(6) What is your favorite design publication?

I just love House Beautiful. It is my most favorite go-to magazine when I need some design inspiration or when I have some time to just sit and flip through something.

(7) What’s your favorite local restaurant in the Jackson area?

I love the food and atmosphere of Table 100 in Flowood.

(8) How would you describe your personal design style?

My personal style tends to be very eclectic. I love an old piece of french furniture lacquered a creamy white with funky brass hardware. A piece like that looks great paired up with a light color linen chair, a bold mod print pillow, a clean lined lamp, and a big abstract piece of art. I am always evolving as a designer so my taste tends to change a good bit. My clients’ homes reflect their own tastes, though, rather than my own.

(9) Anything else we need to know about you?!?!

As a designer I love the fulfillment of a very happy client when the job is complete and they love what I have done. It makes this line of work so gratifying!

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Designer Of The Week: Katy Hines


Our newest designer of the week is bride-to-be Katy Hines! We’re loving the things that have been inspiring her and catching her eye lately! Keep reading… >>>

SummerHouse Designer of the Week: Katy Hines //

1) What project have you been most excited about working on lately?! What do you love about this project?

I recently completed the lighting specifications for a new construction home in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The client’s home is a rustic modern approach in design style. Lighting selections that blended effortlessly with the style of the home and furnishings were key to the success of the design. Style, scale, proportion and function are critical details when designing lighting plans, and when done correctly, it can make such a big impact on the overall aesthetic. I really view it as a work of art! I enjoyed the process and the end-result turned out beautifully!

2) Is there a color or type of pattern you’ve been really into lately that you find yourself reaching for when putting together presentations?

Here is a Hickory Chair pattern I have been reaching for a lot. These colors and this pattern have really caught my eye lately.

Hickory Chair 4101-95 //

I am also loving the warmth, great mix of textures and overall style of this vignette on our floor:

SummerHouse Designer of the Week: Katy Hines //

3) What inspires you most as a designer? 

My clients inspire me most. Without them, we wouldn’t be here! I love the challenge of creating functional and beautiful spaces that are personal and tailored to each client’s own style and interests.

SummerHouse Designer of the Week: Katy Hines //

When initially working on the conceptual design of a project, I often turn to some of the best in the business. Trade magazines like Milieu Magazine and Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles offer great sources of inspiration from renowned designers all over the world! Not to mention the library of published design books we have here at our fingertips!

And I cannot forget to mention the people I work with. We have such a great team of designers and support staff. We all work closely together and inspire each other everyday!

4) Tell us how you think you’ve grown as a designer of the years!

I have learned that communication is key when working with clients. Styles and interests, likes and dislikes, and the lifestyles and patterns of people are all different. Melding your talent with the client’s vision is what truly makes you successful in this business.

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Designer Of The Week: Todd Prince


This week’s Designer of the Week is Todd Prince! We loved hearing about his favorite room to design, how he likes to recharge, and why he loves mixing old and new! Keep on reading!

SummerHouse Designer of the Week : Todd Prince //

1) What is your favorite room in a home to design? What makes designing that room so special?

I love designing any room but lately I’ve started a love affair with dining rooms. I think it’s partly because it’s a room where so many of my personal favorite things come together… family, food, and conversation. Dining rooms used to be just “pretty” rooms that were not often used. That’s not true anymore. Dining rooms are actually used now. Dining rooms are now more often incorporated into the living space making it all one cohesive space instead of distinct rooms. Friends and families gather in them around great food and share actual social conversation with one another. It’s the one room where I think people actually talk. In this world of iPhones, social media, texting, and Facebook the one thing that will make people disconnect from that world is food! There has also been a “food lovers explosion” over the past few years and most of my clients consider themselves “foodies.” I love it!

I love doing great details on dining chairs like slip covering new chairs or slipcovering clients’ existing chairs. On one client recently, I used Belgian linen box pleated slipcovers with silk buttons down the back for a detail. For another client, I used a washed linen dressmaker style slipcover with ties for a more casual look to update some chairs they already had. In my own home, my side chairs are vintage 1950s chairs with classic style parsons chairs as the head chairs covered in a modern Pierre Frey fabric.

Dining Room by SummerHouse Designer Todd Prince //

Dining Room by SummerHouse Designer Todd Prince //

Dining Room by SummerHouse Designer Todd Prince //

I also love using great lighting to set the mood! In my dining room, I have a true vintage George Nelson light fixture. I paired that with a modern acrylic bar cart to give the room a more modern feel.

The dining room is a special room in the home and I love that! I know these photos show a range of style, so this proves my ultimate goal of making the client happy. I’m up for using something they already had and updating it, or starting over with something completely new but detailing it in a way that is special to the client.

The dining room is all about family, friends, and food… facebook here!

2) What is your favorite element to include into a design these days? 

I love a room to feel collected…not overly designed so lately I have really been trying to incorporate some pieces that my clients already have into their spaces. Sometimes I’ll pull pieces that they have used in one room and in one way for a very long time and refinish or recover it and give it a new life. I am currently working on a new construction project in Oxford MS and we have done that in almost every room. Giving a piece a client really loves new life is always rewarding and very creative.

SummerHouse Designer of the Week : Todd Prince //

3) Can you tell us about your favorite design project to date?

My favorite design project to date…. that’s a hard one. I just completed a mid-century modern new construction project in Eastover and I loved the process. I have been involved in the project for 2 years now and when you invest so much it’s amazing when you see it completed. I am personally drawn to the mid-century style but we put a fresh take on it. I found vintage pieces for these particular clients at market…like the dining table and beautiful lamps and mixed it with more modern pieces for a “fresh” mid century feel. I invested so much of myself into the project that it became very personal to me. The clients were great to work with and we all enjoyed the process. I got to use some of my favorite tricks as well. I painted the entire family room a very dark color (walls, ceiling, and trim), mixed old and new pieces, and used full walls of amazing tile for a great impact. The project was so much fun!

Design by SummerHouse Designer Todd Prince //

Design by SummerHouse Designer Todd Prince //

Design by SummerHouse Designer Todd Prince //

4) What is your favorite environment to refresh your mind and get inspired?

To refresh and recharge myself I go to the water! Just listening to the rolling waves of the ocean helps me to clear my mind and get ready to face the design work again. It’s my happy place! We have a family vacation planned for the week of Thanksgiving to the beach and I can’t wait!

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Designer of the Week: Lindsey Townsend


We’re excited to have Lindsey Townsend as our designer of the week! We had a great chat with her about a fun project she’s working on, where she finds her best inspiration, and more!

Designer of the Week: Lindsey Townsend //

1. As a designer, what has most been grabbing your attention lately? A certain color, type of pattern, decor style…?

I love mixing antique pieces with contemporary. I like how collected it can make a home feel. I have also been drawn to anything antique brass, hammered metal, stone table tops, organic patterns, and small touches of acrylic. I have been very inspired lately by emerald greens and deep blue grays.

Designer of the Week: Lindsey Townsend //

2. Tell us about your favorite project you’ve worked on as a SummerHouse designer. What was it that you loved about that project?

I have to say there are many projects and clients I have truly loved working with here at Summerhouse. My favorite project at the moment is a new construction project I am working on. It is on the water in Lost Rabbit. The clients and I have been working together on everything from the ground up. A unique feature of this home is that it has a twenty-two foot Nanawall. This wall will have the capability of opening completely, so that the great room can lead right onto the covered balcony. My clients like to spend a lot of there time outside, so there will be 4 beautiful outdoor areas for them to spend their time lounging and entertaining. The style of this home is a beautiful mix of timeless and contemporary. I can’t wait to see this project completed and installed at the end of the year!

Designer of the Week: Lindsey Townsend //

3. What inspires you most as a designer? 

I can find inspiration in anything most times. It can come from a certain fabric, a rug, wall covering, or even a light fixture. But art may inspire me most. A beautiful piece of art can really become an integral part of my entire design scheme. I also draw a lot of inspiration from what other designers around the country are doing, from such publications as Atlanta Homes and Elle Decor.

Designer of the Week: Lindsey Townsend //
4. We’re getting excited about your new home! What project to you plan to tackle first when you get into your new house? Give us a teaser of a future project that you’ll eventually get to if you can!!

Well we are buying a 31 year old home, so having said that… it has amazing character and potential. It just needs a little TLC first! We first plan to update all paint, lighting, and freshen up the landscaping. After that we plan to completely remodel the kitchen and all bathrooms! Finally, once we make it through all that, I plan to redesign our master bedroom. We are very excited to get started.

/ / / / /

Keep up with Lindsey on Pinterest and Instagram!

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Our Best & Favorite Design Quotes


We love a good design quote. They motivate us, inspire us, and frankly they are just fun to read! We’ve compiled a collection of our favorite design quotes, some from our own designers, and some from designers we admire. We’d love to know which ones you find most inspiring!

Our favorite interior design quotes //

Our favorite interior design quotes //

Our favorite interior design quotes //

Our favorite interior design quotes //

Our favorite interior design quotes //

Our favorite interior design quotes //

Our favorite interior design quotes //

Our favorite interior design quotes //

Our favorite interior design quotes //

Don’t forget that we have a staff full of trained designers who are here to help you with any of your design needs, no matter how large or how small! Check out our talented design team HERE!

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