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We have a brand new section on our SummerHouse Interior Design site (the site dedicated solely to our designers and their projects) that we are excited to tell you about! This section is to showcase our commercial design projects since we’ve done quite a few lately!

Two of these projects are up for your viewing pleasure currently, but more are in the works, so be sure to keep checking back for more to be added soon!

See more photos from each of these projects on

(1) ARCO AVENUE by designers Elish Phares and Lisa Palmer

ARCO AVENUE by SummerHouse designers Elish Phares and Lisa Palmer //

In case you missed the feature on Arco Avenue’s remodel on The Scout Guide blog, be sure to check it out ASAP!

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(2) TOWNSHIP OFFICE by designer Todd Prince

TOWNSHIP OFFICE by SummerHouse designer Todd Prince //

Remember reading more about the Township Office HERE? It may be time to refresh your memory! 🙂

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Thanks for stopping by today! Have an amazing week! We hope to see you in the shop soon! 🙂

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