Designer of the Week: Camille Holland


This week’s Designer of the Week is our newest designer Camille Holland! This girl has been on our team for a while now as an assistant and has recently taken on the job title of Interior Designer! We are so excited for her and can’t wait to see her future projects!

Here’s a little Q&A with this fun chick!

SummerHouse Designer of the Week: Camille Holland //

1. We are so excited that you’re movin’ on up to the position of Designer! When Lisa asked you if you wanted to take the position, what went through your head?!

I was excited, and then nervous and determined. I have worked hard to learn and absorb as much information and experience from Lisa and my coworkers! It feels like such a natural position to transition into at this time in my life and career; its great to know that Summerhouse believes in me!

2. Since you’ve had a heavy hand in many of the big projects that have gone on around here, what would you say is your favorite part of a design project?

Ahhh, that is a hard question because all phases are so important and each has it’s own interesting and exciting points! Everyone who walks in the door is different and has his or her own way of life and living. Getting to know how clients use their space and what they are passionate about is so exciting because it is the key to designing their one-of-a-kind space. However, my favorite part of the design process comes next! Once finishes and fabrics are selected, presenting them to the client is my favorite part of the project because you really determine if you and the client are on the same page and are cohesive in the vision you both have for their home or space! It is exciting to show them your hard work and either having them receive it well, or going back to the drawing board for a better design that suits them best!

SummerHouse Designer of the Week: Camille Holland //

3. What are a few of your favorite design things right now?

Right now, I’m really enjoying a new fabric collection by Clarke & Clarke: Traviata. It has great texture and the patterns and solids are a fun mix of neutrals and jewel tones! Also, mixing metals has been a very popular trend that has only gotten better and is becoming more of a style and leaving the word “trend” behind! My fiancé and I are building a house and I plan to incorporate mixed metals throughout our home!

SummerHouse Designer of the Week: Camille Holland //

4. What is your favorite place to go to draw inspiration or just to get your wheels turning in the Jackson area?

Lately I have enjoyed the Fondren area. It has such an amazing atmosphere and the revitalization of the area is so inspiring! The food is phenomenal and the bars and coffee shops are always buzzing and inviting. The galleries and shops have such a unique mix of retro and modern, it makes for the ultimate area to draw inspiration!

Thank you so much, Camille! We are looking forward to keeping up with your growth as a designer!

Thank y’all for stopping by and reading today! Have a fun weekend!

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