Designer of the Week: Elish Phares Moon

SummerHouse Interior Designer of the Week: Elish Phares Moon // www.alwayssummerblog.comWe’re beginning a new round of our always popular Designer of the Week series! Going first is Interior Designer Elish Phares Moon! We love having this girl as a part of our team and love hearing more about her favorite project to date, the item she longs to have in her house, and much more! Keep reading! 🙂

What is your favorite design trend right now and why?

My favorite design trend right now is actually designers who are using their expertise to explore designs a little off the beaten path. In a new generation of clients who are Pinterest, HGTV, and internet educated it’s sometimes difficult for interior designers to “wow” their clients. I love seeing designs that aren’t replicas of the most commonly pinned bathroom on Pinterest. I’m not pointing fingers- I’m definitely guilty of sometimes seeking inspiration online before wracking my own brain. But I’ve been really inspired lately not by perfectly replicated designs, but by the designers and clients who take a little liberty with trying out new things!

We know designers always have a little pile of samples of things that they hope to be able to use in their own homes one day… Tell us about one thing that’s in your current pile and why you love it or how you plan to use it!

I am very guilty of having a “happy” pile for my future home. Right now my favorite thing is the most unessential. I am completely in love with a jeweled Samuel & Sons trim. I stare at it longingly often and dream of ways to make it work. Of course, having a seasoned design eye, I chose something very costly. I’m just like my clients though- I need to be practical. I need a home that is inviting and that doesn’t have a warning sign at the door- “no one under the age of 5, though sippy cups are welcome”. I need practical! But that doesn’t mean I haven’t ruled out a gorgeous trim on future drapery. Your home has to make YOU happy first and foremost. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

SummerHouse Interior Designer of the Week: Elish Phares Moon //

What’s your favorite room in a home to design? Why?

 My favorite room to design is a living room. It’s the heartbeat of the house (second only to the kitchen) where many memories are made. I like the challenge of creating a beautiful but functional space. That one room really needs to be the full package. It has to be visually appealing, functional, the hub for the house. I think a successful living room design is incredibly rewarding.

Tell us about your favorite project to date and what you love about that particular project! 

My favorite project to date has been a roughly 14 month project in Oxford, MS. We just had our first install for the project last week and I’ve never had a more rewarding experience. It wasn’t the scale of the project (though large), the budget, or the location. It was an incredibly close relationship with a client equally dedicated to not sacrificing details in her home. The projects that I consistently walk away from feeling accomplished and gratified, are the ones that reflect an open and communicative relationship with my client. It shows in every detail: the cohesiveness of rooms, materials, etc.. We worked hard to be on the same page throughout and I think it shows. I feel very grateful for the opportunity to have learned so much and gained such experience… and to have a project I can walk away from proud I have my name on it.

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