Designer of the Week: Elish Phares


Our Designer of the Week this week is Elish Phares!

SummerHouse Interior Designer of the Week: Elish Phares //

(1) Tell us about your favorite project that has been completely finished and installed! What made that project stand out?

My favorite installed project to date is probably Arco Avenue. It was my first true “commercial” design experience, and really pushed me outside of my residential design comfort zone. The owners, Katie & Jordan, have a strong vision for their store and were lovely to work with. In addition to nailing down a style that captures the owners of Arco as well as appeals to their customer base, I had to study retail design, safety concerns, and really work out custom details. The result is something I am proud and honored to be a part of.

SummerHouse Interior Designer of the Week: Elish Phares //

(2) We know you’re starting to think about a house of your own since you’re getting married this summer (YAY!) What, to you, is the most important thing to order/get done to that house?

2. I am getting married soon and we are in the process of finding our future home! This is so exciting, but as many of you know, there is a big dose of reality involved. Icky words like budget and re-sale value come into play. I think first you need to sit down and really think about priorities for your wants and needs and then figure out where and if those things fall into your budget. For some, like us, it may be really stripped down at first like a fresh coat of paint to brighten up the inside of your home or create curb appeal outside. For me, so far, my priorities have been paint because it is a great way to get a big return for a small investment, as well as rugs. It may sound strange, but good rugs are investment pieces. More vital things like kids, school, etc.. may knock big items down our list in the future. I’d rather knock out one or two big ticket items now and then slowly check off the rest of our list over time. I may be a designer, but I live in the real world too- you can’t always do a full home makeover at once. Design how you would like your space ideally and don’t compromise. It may take a little longer to check things off of your list, but do it once and do it right.

SummerHouse Interior Designer of the Week: Elish Phares //

(3) What have you been into lately as far as patterns? Where is your favorite place to use a pattern?

Lately I have been into really subtle patterns. Neutrals with texture or tonal patterns using herringbone, greek keys, etc.. I also have really loved washed patterns with splashes of color. Patterns that are washed or faded and don’t have sharp edges. For neutral patterns the world is your oyster; they are great on drapery, sofas, bedding…anything. For other patterns I think sometimes smaller doses can actually catch your eye more easily because they are focused. I often use patterns on throw pillows, a lone accent chair, or a pair of ottomans.

(4) Is there anywhere in the Jackson area you like to go to get inspired and refreshed?

I am so blessed to live in a beautiful area of Jackson that has a wide range of homes. Jackson is packed with character! I also run in the mornings to get my daily outdoor time and get my day off to a good start. It’s just how I decompress and process. One of my favorite things to do is look at the homes in my neighborhood as I run; ongoing renovations, new landscaping, etc… There are so many different styles represented and some days I will randomly notice a home I’ve passed every morning for a year and just never keyed on. It’s crazy!

SummerHouse Interior Designer of the Week: Elish Phares //

(5) What do you most love about being a designer?

Some may laugh, but being an interior designer is a tough, demanding occupation. It was a very undervalued service until recently. It’s still sometimes a challenge to help people understand the value of a professional eye. Your home is your respite. It is your oasis in the madness of everyday life and hectic schedules. It is where many memories are made and family inside jokes are shared. It is a value that can’t always be defined but is always felt. I think I enjoy proving to myself and others daily that I know what I’m doing and one of the most rewarding experiences in life is right under your nose…loving where you live!

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