Designer of the Week Katherine Shelton

SummerHouse Designer of the Week Katherine SheltonOur newest Designer of the Week is Katherine Shelton! We love having Katherine as a part of our team. She is such a hard worker and filled with so many great ideas!!

Let’s get on to her Designer of the Week Q&A!

Tell us about a few of your favorite details in a project you’re currently working on!

All of my projects lately, no matter the color palate, seem to have a lot of texture in them. From all of the fabrics to the finishes on the furniture and the accessories as well as the art. And I am Loving it. I LOVE textures!!! They make me very happy!

What is your favorite design trend right now (and why?)

I currently have several favorite design trends. I really like all the carrera marble we are seeing. It seems to be everywhere! Floors in the kitchen and bathrooms, backsplashes and walls. At SummerHouse we have just gotten in some of the cutest picture frames and coasters mixed with carrera marble and wood. Love them! I am also really liking chevron pattern floors… You can lay this pattern with wood, natural stone, or brick. Just makes a small or large space so interesting and can give a room that designer look instantly. Of coarse we want to keep this at a minimum in one home! And lastly, I love all of the brushed gold! It is all the rage. From cabinet hardware and bath fixtures to lamps and chandeliers. And mixing it with grey paint colors and carrera marble is my favorite look. You can also find brushed gold on furniture nail heads and casters and all kinds of accessories come in this finish.

SummerHouse Designer of the Week Katherine Shelton

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Is there a publication, book, blog, website, magazine that has just really inspired you lately? Tell us about it!

I Love the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles. It is always so full of fresh ideas. I am also very fond of Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles because I lived Buckhead and truly miss living in in that beautiful city. I hope to one day be able to move back. Everyone drums to their own beat. The homes are all so unique to the personalities of each homeowner. I love all of the creativity and uniqueness shown in this publication each and every time it comes out.

What’s your favorite room in a home to design? Why?

My very favorite space to design in a home is a child’s bedroom. It is where I can be the most creative, the most fun, and the most colorful or bold in pattern play. The look on a child’s face when you reveal the space to them is also so wonderful. Wallpaper or fun paint on the walls, modern mixed with antique or vintage pieces, fun built in play spaces or desk areas, a mixture of original art, photography, and prints and custom bedding and window treatments are just a few important key factors on creating a fabulous baby, child, or teen bedroom.

SummerHouse Designer of the Week Katherine Shelton

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Thank you, Katherine! Great answers! Love it all!!!

SummerHouse Designer of the Week Katherine Shelton

Thanks to all of you for dropping in! We appreciate it so much! Hope you are having a great week!!

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