Designer Of The Week: Katy Hines


Our newest designer of the week is bride-to-be Katy Hines! We’re loving the things that have been inspiring her and catching her eye lately! Keep reading… >>>

SummerHouse Designer of the Week: Katy Hines //

1) What project have you been most excited about working on lately?! What do you love about this project?

I recently completed the lighting specifications for a new construction home in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The client’s home is a rustic modern approach in design style. Lighting selections that blended effortlessly with the style of the home and furnishings were key to the success of the design. Style, scale, proportion and function are critical details when designing lighting plans, and when done correctly, it can make such a big impact on the overall aesthetic. I really view it as a work of art! I enjoyed the process and the end-result turned out beautifully!

2) Is there a color or type of pattern you’ve been really into lately that you find yourself reaching for when putting together presentations?

Here is a Hickory Chair pattern I have been reaching for a lot. These colors and this pattern have really caught my eye lately.

Hickory Chair 4101-95 //

I am also loving the warmth, great mix of textures and overall style of this vignette on our floor:

SummerHouse Designer of the Week: Katy Hines //

3) What inspires you most as a designer? 

My clients inspire me most. Without them, we wouldn’t be here! I love the challenge of creating functional and beautiful spaces that are personal and tailored to each client’s own style and interests.

SummerHouse Designer of the Week: Katy Hines //

When initially working on the conceptual design of a project, I often turn to some of the best in the business. Trade magazines like Milieu Magazine and Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles offer great sources of inspiration from renowned designers all over the world! Not to mention the library of published design books we have here at our fingertips!

And I cannot forget to mention the people I work with. We have such a great team of designers and support staff. We all work closely together and inspire each other everyday!

4) Tell us how you think you’ve grown as a designer of the years!

I have learned that communication is key when working with clients. Styles and interests, likes and dislikes, and the lifestyles and patterns of people are all different. Melding your talent with the client’s vision is what truly makes you successful in this business.

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