Designer of the Week: Katy Sanders

SummerHouse Designer of the Week Katy Sanders Every few weeks, we pick a different designer to feature as our designer of the week! It’s so much fun for us to really focus in on one designer at a time and see what they’ve been working on, what’s caught their eye, and where they turn for inspiration!

Our newest designer of the week is Katy Sanders! This girl has been working extra hard lately and has pulled together some beautiful rooms! Find out about what’s most inspired her lately, her favorite recent project, and much more! Keep reading!

Tell us about a few of your favorite details in a project you’re currently working on!

My latest project involved a complete living room design for a home in the Bridgewater subdivision. Having downsized to one main living area, my clients needed a comfortable, casual, user-friendly space. I chose slipcovered pieces, warm wood tones, and natural fibers.

Here’s a look at the final selections. We cannot wait for the install this fall!

SummerHouse Designer of the Week Katy Sanders

What is your favorite design trend right now?

I am excited to finally see a shift from cooler tones back to natural, earthy palettes. Most recently, I have been drawn to designs that incorporate warm neutrals, jewel tone accents, matte finishes and mixed materials. My husband and I are building a home this fall, and I am looking forward to adding a few of these details myself!

Is there a publication, book, blog, website, or magazine that has just really inspired you lately? Tell us about it!

The fall issue of Milieu Magazine is absolutely stunning and so inspiring. Designer Betsy Brown’s home in Birmingham is featured. It is breathtaking, and her attention to detail is incredible. Some of the most beautiful designs can be found here in the south!

SummerHouse Designer of the Week Katy Sanders

Inspired by Birmingham, AL designer Betsy Brown

Inspired by Birmingham, AL designer Betsy Brown

Inspired by Birmingham, AL designer Betsy Brown

What’s your favorite room in a home to design? Why?

The master bedroom is one of my favorite spaces to design. While many clients overlook this area, I encourage people to make this a priority. I have heard countless times, “No one goes in there but us.” BUT, it is so important. It’s a personal space where you wind down and rejuvenate, and that is definitely worthy of some design attention! I love helping clients transform their bedrooms into relaxing, beautiful retreats.

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Thank you, Katy, for sharing with us! You inspire all of us!

Have a GREAT week and thanks for dropping in today!

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