Designer Of The Week: Lisa Palmer


Our designer of the week this round is our leading lady Lisa Palmer! Lisa wears about a hundred hats around here, the biggest of which is lead designer. We all love working with Lisa and are all so thankful to have her as our design mentor! Let’s get to a little Q&A, shall we?

Interior Designer Lisa Palmer // SummerHouse // Ridgeland, MS

What is your favorite thing about being a designer?

It was never my dream as a youth to be an interior designer. I never rearranged my bedroom every other week as I hear some other designers say. I suppose it was a beautiful accident that I fell into this profession. I was a theatre and art major at Ole Miss and when I realized I might want to use my credits in a more practical way I looked into interior design. Luckily, I fell in love with it.

What is one of your favorite projects you’ve ever worked on and why? 

Of course, I’m going to say that ALL of my projects are my favorite! One of my first “big” projects when I went out on my own as a designer was a corporate condominium. Not only did I have to renovate and furnish it, but I had to supply the home with all kitchen supplies, including the china and silver. I also supplied the home with bath towels and all linens on down to the toilet paper. Lucky for me, the company loved what I selected and from what I hear, haven’t changed a thing. That project was completed nearly 15 years ago.

Is there anything you’re particularly loving right now as far as design?

Natural materials such as marble, quartz, brass, onyx, and concrete are being incorporated into furniture, lighting, wallcoverings and accessories. I truly love that look! On the other end of the spectrum, 100% acrylic fabrics have made their way indoor. And they are gorgeous! They are not used just on outdoor furniture anymore. So moms can rest a little easier when their little ones get messy on their white slipcovered sofa!

Interior Designer Lisa Palmer // SummerHouse // Ridgeland, MS

How would you say design influences the way you go through life?

It’s a curse! I see design every where I go; in my car, my Apple computer, even my water bottle! The sleek lines, the symmetry, the texture… it’s all about design. Every product we use has had someone spend countless hours on its design. When a room is designed well, we live in it better. It’s a fact. Our life seems a little more in balance and that is a very important thing.

A well designed room // Lisa Palmer of SummerHouse in Ridgeland, MS

Be sure to keep up with Lisa on a daily basis by following her on Instagram and Pinterest! She’s definitely a fun follow! 🙂

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