We just added a lovely, springy collection of botanicals to the web store that you must check out! These faux plants look so real that even members of our staff have been fooled! (One time while we were doing inventory, Stacy picked up a real flower arrangement and flipped it over in search of an item number thinking it was another one of these evergreen arrangements. Water and flowers went everywhere! True story!)

Even if you have a brown thumb, you can fool your guests by having the most beautiful greenery all year round without any watering required! (Even the faux water looks real!)

Here are a few of our faves… Click on the photos to find out more about them!

SUCCULENT IN CLAY POT - GREEN // www.alwayssummerblog.com

MAIDENHAIR IN TERRACOTTA POT // www.alwayssummerblog.com

  Lavender Bush in Olive Jar  Lavender Bush in Olive Jar  Lavender Bush in Olive Jar  Lavender Bush in Olive Jar LAVENDER BUSH IN OLIVE JAR // www.alwayssummerblog.com

POTTED CYPRESS // www.alwayssummerblog.com

DOGWOOD GLASS JAR - TALL // www.alwayssummerblog.com

These start at just $29! But no matter what the cost, these are a worthy investment… These will be pretty for the rest of time!

Suddenly we find ourselves signing an Ed Sheeran song… “‘Cause honey your soul could never grow old, it’s evergreen…”

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