Festival Of Trees

Festival of Trees at The Westin Jackson

Festival of Trees at The Westin Jackson

Hey everyone! Exciting announcement here!

So y’all know Lisa Palmer, our owner, fearless leader, and lead Interior Designer, right? Well, she has been asked to design a Christmas tree to go in the Festival of Trees event being held at The Westin Jackson, which starts later this month! This is the inaugural Festival of Trees event, and it sounds like it’s going to be SUPER cool. Lisa, as well as several other local designers, have each committed to designing a tree in the style of their liking, then on Thursday, November 29th at the opening gala, all of the trees will be revealed!

Each tree will be up for auction, and all proceeds will go to Friends of Children’s Hospital, which is a cause that we all love to support whenever we can! They do amazing work, so it’s always fun to have a chance to support their efforts! 🙂

In addition to a really fun gala party and seeing all the trees, there are tons of other events tied into this festival, which runs from November 27th through December 9th. Ice skating rink, Santa brunch, and other exclusive happenings… Here’s the list of events:

Festival of Trees at The Westin Jackson

Festival of Trees at The Westin Jackson

I linked each event with the page where you can get tickets (if tickets are required) so y’all please be sure to support this event in any way that you can! I’m going to do my best to get my kids up there for a Santa Brunch, assuming my newborn will semi cooperate! 😉

I’m sure there’ll be some posts on our socials with peeks at the tree as the time draws closer, so stay tuned! 😉

Hope you’re enjoying your week! XOXO,

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