Four Fabulous Desks


When it comes to desks, we can probably all agree that a pretty, well-organized desk is the best kind of desk. Especially if it is in a pretty room! Who doesn’t work better in an aesthetically pleasing environment?!

Today, we bring you four fabulous desks, all of which dutifully serve their purposes for bill paying, working from home, or maybe just taking a break from life to have a quiet cup of coffee. Whatever purpose your desk serves, we know the prettier your desk, the more you’ll be able to enjoy your desk!

We love the soft, serene setting of this desk nestled in a bay window overlooking a wooded backyard!

Four Fabulous Desk Areas //

This masculine office called for a weighty desk, so this NOIR piece did just the trick!

Four Fabulous Desk Areas //

This small, modern desk is the perfect place for getting those household things done, and the drawers make for easy clean up with company comes over!

Four Fabulous Desk Areas //

Lastly, this custom desk, designed by our very own Lisa Palmer, serves as a beautiful anchor in this bedroom and is a great piece over which to display art. It’s also where this particular client can get some work done without having to go too far!

Four Fabulous Desk Areas //

Four Fabulous Desk Areas //

Where in your home is your desk? And what is its main function? We love hearing from you guys!

Thanks for stopping in today. We do appreciate it!

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