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How to achieve high design on a low budget! Advice and selections by SummerHouse Interior Designer Katie Carone //

We gave our newest designer Katie Carone the task of putting together a living room with all new furniture but on a somewhat tight budget! She’s put this entire room together for under $15,000! Now keep in mind that this is ALL new furniture, so even if $15,000 doesn’t seem low to you, picking just a few new pieces for a certain room can really bring your existing pieces to life by only spending a fraction of this.

We love the beautiful living room she’s put together using our more well-priced designer lines! Here is more information on each piece!

Art // $1140

Cowhide Rug // $540

Grace Coffee Table // $2245

Callie Lamps // $685 each

Cole Drinking Table // $1085

Albion Sofa with three contrast pillows // $2431

Franco Chairs // $1716 each

Jolene Side Table // $855

Trudy Oval Side Table // $855

8 x 10 Sedona Sisal Rug // $390

Grand total // $14,343

Katie went with one of Lisa’s favorite design M.O.s that she calls “high/low.” This is where, even if most pieces in a space are budget conscious (or “low”), splurging on a couple of items (“high”) can really elevate the level of the entire design. Katie’s splurges were the lamps and the drinking table.

“The lamps are very transitional pieces and could be used throughout the house in several different places. On console tables, on bedside tables… So many places! And I love the acrylic base. It gives it an element of high design.”

“I aboslutely drool over that drinking table. Black and gold is my obsession! I know it’s more expensive, but when you find one piece you absolutely love, you just can’t compromise. It gives the room that wow factor!”

Designer tips on making the most of your furniture purchases //

SummerHouse Interior Designer Katie Carone //
Katie Carone

“I love the idea of ordering a sofa that comes standard with contrast pillows like this one. You can order them in a different fabric and use them somewhere completely different, like on a guest bed or in some side chairs.”

“Revere Pewter is one of my absolute favorite paint colors– it would be really nice in this room. I love that you can use browns and grays with it!”

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Thank you so much, Katie! We love what you’ve pulled together! If you have any more questions about these pieces, give Katie a call! 601-853-4445

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