Gorgeous Greens


{  s h a d e s   o f   g r e e n  }

With St. Paddy’s day only a couple of days away, we thought it would be a great time to celebrate one of nature’s favorite hues: GREEN! From mint to emerald, sage to moss, and everything in between, the many shades of green always seem to be beautifully calming.

Here are a few green beauties we currently have in the showroom!

Lauren Barksdale painting
Lauren Barksdale painting
Gorgeous Greens: Glass beads
Glass Beads
Gorgeous Greens: Pillows and throw
Pillows and throw
Gorgeous Greens: Succulents
Gorgeous Greens: Mint Green Tribal Frame
Mint Green Tribal Frame
Gorgeous Greens: Cattail Balls
Cattail Balls
Gorgeous Greens: Stones on pedestals
Stones on Pedestals
Gorgeous Greens: Small Lauren Barksdale Paintings
Small Lauren Barksdale Paintings

What’s your favorite shade of green?

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