Guest Post: Divine Dining Rooms

Hi SummerHouse readers! It is such an honor to be guest posting at SummerHouse, and thanks to the awesome ladies who made it possible!
– Enjoy! Ashley@Decorology

I’d say that the dining room is probably the room I talk about the least. One major part of that is probably because I’ve never had a proper dining room, and because even after spending hours in the kitchen preparing a beautiful meal, you’re likely to find me enjoying it curled up on the couch.

However, I’m coming to realize that now that we are looking for a home, I might actually have a real grown up dining room, and once I have kids we will not be dining on the sofa. Also, the upcoming holidays are probably when dining rooms see the most action, so I’ve gathered up some dining rooms to inspire me (and other dining room neglecters like myself) to give it a little more attention. Your sofa will thank you!!

I wish I was genius enough to put together spaces like this… those benches with that wallpaper? Sublime. I also think that’s the closest to sofa-like one can get to proper dining room seating! Oh, and did I mention those windows!?!

Okay. Can we talk about that amazing gold chandelier?!?! There is very little I wouldn’t do for that chandelier….very. little.

Proof that gorgeous floors should go naked, even beneath a table and chairs.

I adore the mix between the table and chairs in this room, as well as the architectural details. I’m also always a big fan of large, impactful pieces of artwork. I might not have chosen this photo in particular, but you can see how it adds drama to the space.

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Editor’s note: Thanks again to Ashley for guest blogging for us today! Check out our guest post on her lovely blog, Decorology!

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