How To Throw an Ice Cream Social

With it being our month birthday and all, we have had parties on the brain…  After thumbing through Rue Magazine (a million times…) we keep getting stuck on their adorable ice cream social idea! So we wanted to go with that, but with a little SummerHouse spin!

How to throw an Ice Cream Social:

1.  Make a guest list and decide on a date and location. Be sure to give yourself enough time to get everything planned and invites sent out!  We love these fun invitations we found on etsy!  If you don’t have time to send inviations via snail mail, create a facebook event or e-vite invitation!

2.  Once invitations are sent out, start planning logistics! You will need to get the following:  (1) decorations.  We will get to that later! (2) plenty of bowls (3) plenty of spoons (4) ice cream cones, should you risk the messiness of melting ice cream with nowhere to go (5) at least 3 flavors of ice cream.  May we suggest keeping the flavors simple so your toppings can really shine!  Also, it is a good idea to have one frozen yogurt for those watching their calorie intake (6) the best part: TOPPINGS!  Some of our favorites: dark chocolate chips… butterscotch chips… mini marshmallows… crushed candy bars… MnM’s… pecans… almonds… confetti sprinkles… crushed waffle cone… raspberries… kiwi… chopped strawberries… gummie bears… cake mix (yes, cake mix! mix in a couple of tablespoons into vanilla ice cream and BAM! you have cake batter ice cream)

The latte bowls from Anthropologie are PERFECT for an ice cream social!

3.  Decorate! In order for your ice cream social to be photogenic, decorations are key.  When we think about ice cream socials, we think COLOR!  Have colorful bowls, fun tablecloths, funky napkins,  brightly colored banners, balloons, streamers…. the list goes on and on…

The Hollywood beverage napkins from Jonathan Adler have great colors and just the right amount of funk!

Another idea is to tell your guests to dress in bright colors.  We found this adorable dress over at Blithe and Vine that would be the perefct accent to any ice cream social! The color reminds us of orange sorbet… YUM!

From Blithe and Vine

4. Have fun and take lots of pictures!  You can’t plan a colorful event without properly documenting it! Be sure to get pictures of your setup, your adorable decor, and all of your friends! That will definitely be scrapbook-worthy.  Something to show your kids one day….

There are lots of different twists you could add to your own ice cream social.  We would love to hear your ideas! And if you throw an ice cream social anytime soon, you MUST take pictures and send them to us!  We want to see your creativity at work!  Now go have fun and eat lots of ice cream! 🙂

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