Inside The Orange Box: Common Design Mistakes, Part Two


This week’s Inside The Orange Box is a continuation of our common design mistakes post from a couple of weeks ago! These design mistakes are easy to make if a professional designer is not involved in your design! See what our designers have to say…

Designer Todd Prince says one of the biggest mistakes he sees is when people float sofas in the middle of a room and the sofa is too tall. “A taller back sofa needs to be anchored against a wall. If you’re going to float a sofa in a room, it needs to have a shorter back so it doesn’t impact the overall view of the room. You do NOT want a sofa that’s too tall floating in the middle of a room!”

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Designer Jacque Moor says…
“The biggest mistake people make when not hiring a designer is thinking they have the ability to envision an overall design, when really, that’s something that very few people can do properly. People without a trained eye will look at many different room images they like and pick little things from each and try to mimic them in a space. The result of that can be an unorganized room without a put together, designed look.”

Mary Courtney Johns says, “A common mistake, or rather injustice, to a room would be letting sentimentalism get in the way of the desired look and feel that you are
trying to achieve for your space. Your grandmother’s antique china cabinet
or that pair of end tables you bought as a newlywed in the 80s will not
blend well with your new sleek-lined sofa. Emotional attachments can sometimes hinder a design’s direction. When a piece of furniture is becoming more of a nuisance than a lovely walk down memory lane, it’s time to pass it off for someone else to enjoy.”

Design Advice from SummerHouse Interior Designers //

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