Inside The Orange Box: Favorite Celebrity Designers, Part 1

In this edition of Inside The Orange Box, we asked our designers to talk about their favorite celebrity designers! Their feedback is brilliant, as always! Here’s what they have to say…

Interior Designer Camille Parker

“My favorite celebrity designer hasn’t always been the same, but as my style evolves so does my go-to designer for inspiration. However, for the last few years and currently, Kelly Wearstler is my favorite. She is edgy but does not compromise her style choices for trends, making sure her designs are classic. She uses only the best finishes and materials, so her designs are always fresh and enviable!”

Inspiring Celebrity Designers: Kelly Wearstler //

Inspiring Celebrity Designers: Kelly Wearstler //

Interior Designer Katherine Shelton

“I have many favorite celebrity designers but one that currently comes to mind would have to be Nate Berkus.  I am inspired by his design with the way he mixes so many finishes and textures in one room to create such a unique feeling.  I also am so intrigued by the tones he chooses to design a room with.  I love his eclectic style.  In all of his rooms you can normally find antiques mixed with vintage and new furniture and accessories.  I am such a fan of designing a space with blacks, whites, and neutral tones accented with bold saturated color.”

Inspiring Celebrity Designers: Nate Berkus //

Inspiring Celebrity Designers: Nate Berkus //

Interior Designer Mary Courtney Johns

“It is difficult to name a designer that is my favorite being that there are so many intelligent and inspirational creative people out there! If I was to name a person whose work I most love and someone who I look up to it would be Windsor Smith. She is daring in her choices but at the same time is successful at mixing in traditional pieces with offbeat, bold punches.”

Inspiring Celebrity Designers: Windsor Smith //

Inspiring Celebrity Designers: Windsor Smith //

( photos were taken from each designers’ website )

Stay tuned as Part 2 of this series comes in the next couple of weeks!
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