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Today’s Orange Box is all about outdoor favorites. There are so many beautiful lines of outdoor furniture and fabrics these days that it’s hard to know where to begin even thinking! Since a southern fall sticks around a little bit longer than fall in other parts of the country, we think now is as good a time as any to spruce up your outdoor and still have plenty of time (and great evening temperatures) to enjoy it!

Inside The Orange Box //

Let’s see what our designers are loving as far as outdoor right now!

>> Lead Designer Lisa Palmer <<

Always use 100% acrylic fabrics of course. They are colorfast, washable and bleachable and take the abuse our southern weather can dish out. A comfortable swivel chair is a must. Maybe several! Somehow human beings love to move, and I find that swivel chairs, expecially outdoor when we are at our most relaxed, are the perfect chair. The Lee Industries Outdoor Collection has several very comfortable upholstered swivel options and tons of 100% acrylic fabrics to choose from. Four grouped together facing each other with a great round cocktail table is functional and super fun!

Lee Industries Outdoor Fabrics //
100% acryllic fabrics from Lee Industries

Lee Industries outdoor furniture //

>> Designer Todd Prince << 

I love the Brown Jordan Drift collection. Look how pretty. That’s so me! Inspired by the 1950’s… So sleek and pretty… That is so Todd! 

Brown Jordan Drift Collection //

>> Designer Elish Phares <<

There are so many more options for outdoor furniture now that it is becoming just as important in design as interior pieces! For a designer, that is very exciting. I love LEE outdoor for upholstered, and any clubcu concrete piece for casegoods. There’s nothing better than a great marriage between style and function!

Lee Industries outdoor furniture //

>> Designer Katy Hines << 

Outdoor fabrics have come such a long way in the past few years, both in look and in feel, that we actually use them for interior design just as much as we do in our outdoor designs! Most of the time, you can’t even tell if a fabric is acrylic or not. One of my favorite lines is Link Outdoor. Great textures and patterns!

Link Outdoor Fabrics //
Link Outdoor Fabrics

>> Designer Lindsey Townsend <<

I love all of our outdoor lines for many different reasons, but currently I am loving the “Mood Daybed” by Janus et Cie. It has a very unique and updated look.  It would be amazing under a covered area near the pool.  Great place for napping!

Janus et Cie outdoor daybed //

>> Designer Sunny Holliday <<

Currently, my favorite outdoor collection is the Brown Jordan Marin collection by designer Michael Berman. This is truly a stunning collection! The threading details on the gorgeous teak frames are of a UV-resistant yacht cord. The pieces are very welcoming and cozy, and can even be used indoors!

The Marin Collection from Brown Jordan //

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Have a great weekend!

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