Inside The Orange Box: Placing Pillows On A Sofa


This week’s Inside The Orange Box deals with the issue of pillow placement on a sofa! There are multiple things to consider when picking out what your pillow arrangement needs to look like, so our designers give a few great pointers!

Inside The Orange Box - Design tips from SummerHouse's Interior Designers //

Interior Designer Todd Prince

On a sectional, there always need to be three pillows in the corner – one larger and two smaller. On each end of the sofa, you need a minimum of two 22” pillows on one end and a minimum of one 22” on the other end. There should be a variety of styles, as well. For a sofa, you have tons of options! You can always do a 24” and a 22” on each end, but what I really love are two pillows on one end (one larger and one slightly smaller) and a throw with one pillow on the other so it’s not so matchy matchy.

Interior Designer Sunny Holliday

It really depends on the size and cushion style of your sofa. Sometimes I like to do three lumbars across if there are three back cushions and three seat cushions. If the sofa is 85 or so inches long, and has two back cushions over two seat cushions, I will do two 22” pillows with a lumbar in between them. If the sofa comes standard with throw pillows, it’s fun to change the fabric for the throw pillows with a different fabric from the company.

Inside The Orange Box: Placing Pillows On A Sofa //

Interior Designer Katy Hines

Keep the height of your accent pillows and back cushions on the sofa within one or two inches of each other. If the back cushions are 20″ high, a 22″ pillow is a great choice.

Interior Designer Jacque Moor

Decorative pillows need to reflect the style of not only the sofa, but the room! On a long, deep sofa, I would have four pillows total. 24″ pillows at each end with 22″ pillows in front of each. This will allow the sofa to not seem overbearing in a room, and a comfortable place to lounge!

Inside The Orange Box: Placing Pillows On A Sofa //

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