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Inside The Orange Box this week, we’re talking all about ART and its importance in a home. We visited with Whit Geary, owner of VIEW GALLERY just a few doors down from us! We love Whit’s taste and, since she was once a SummerHouse Interior Designer, we thought she’d be the perfect person to give us a little insight into the value of art in a personal space. Let’s see what she has to say!

Inside The Orange Box // SummerHouse

“During the time I spent as an interior designer, I was able to integrate original art into most of the jobs I was doing. It was so transforming to a space that it left me with a real impression of the importance of art in a home. I’ve worked with the most beautiful fabrics, accessories, elements… Glass, iron, velvets, cottons… The whole bit… But it’s so different when a piece of art is involved in a design scheme!”

Art from View Gallery in The Township in Ridgeland, MS //

“I prefer to start with a great piece of art when designing a space because it’s one of the most valuable investments you make in your home. Typically you don’t get rid of it. You know, sofas you’ll recover, or you might change out your chairs… But art, you keep. As is.”

Art from View Gallery in The Township in Ridgeland, MS //

“Selecting a piece of art is such a great way to start a plan for your home because I think it reflects your personality the best. Your home is going to feel like you if you start that way. On the flip side, I’ve also seen really good designers completely map out a scheme for a home and come back at the end and introduce the art, which is perfectly fine as well. There is no rule about whether to start with it or finish with it!”

Art from View Gallery in The Township in Ridgeland, MS //

How do you pick the right piece of art? 

“Work with a professional* who will ask a lot of questions about your lifestyle, things you’re interested in, what your home is like, and what your needs are. Many times people come in and they have a specific space they’re looking to fill. Occassionally, I have people who are collectors and are looking for the next piece of art that captures their attention. Most of the time, though, it’s people wanting to address an empty space or add a focal point. Is their goal to have a focal point, or are they just looking for something that pleases them? Neither answer is wrong!”

(*SummerHouse designers + Whit make the BEST professional art selection team in the world! In our humble opinion… 🙂 )

Art from View Gallery in The Township in Ridgeland, MS //

“Scale is so important. So is texture. Depending on whether you have a smooth surface or a textured surface, there are certain pieces that will look better than others. Most of the time people just need a little bit of guidance, which I am happy to provide!”

 Thank you for your insight, Whit!!

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