Inside The Orange Box: What I Didn’t Learn In Design School


Happy Friday!

Today, we bring you part three in our mini Inside the Orange Box series called “What I Didn’t Learn In Design School.

There is so much about interior design that is not taught in a classroom, so our designers lend advice and encouragement to design students and aspiring designers through this column! Today, Interior Designer Sunny Holliday shares a little bit of what she wishes she’d learned in her schooling.

"What I didn't learn in design school" - a new series where SummerHouse interior designers talk about what they were never taught in their interior design classes //

Sunny says, “One thing I have learned along the way is this: When having my first initial meeting with my client, I find that the “interview” part is super important. I wish I couldĀ have worked with real clients in college to gain this experience.”

Lisa always emphasizes the importance of the interview process as well! “Finding out how your clients live is so important to being able to determine their needs in a design. Interior Design isn’t just for looks. It’s about functionality, too, and every family lives life differently!”

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