Inside The Orange Box: What I Didn’t Learn In Design School


Happy Friday to you!

Today’s installment of Inside The Orange Box is part of our mini series called “What I Didn’t Learn In Design School” where our designers dish on which parts of designing in the real world were not necessarily taught in their Interior Design classes! Today, designer Elish Phares shares what she didn’t learn in design school!

"What I didn't learn in design school" - a new series where SummerHouse interior designers talk about what they were never taught in their interior design classes //

Elish says, “I think this is said about many things in life, but not much prepares you for a career in Interior Design except actually working in the field. It just is what it is. One thing that I believe is glossed over a bit in the glamourous artistic light cast on interior design is the strong business sense you must have! You have to be good with numbers, organized, track orders, etc… There’s so much more than space planning, balance, and application involved!”

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