Inside The Orange Box: What I Didn’t Learn In Design School


We have our last post in our “What I Didn’t Learn In Design School” mini series! Today we hear from SummerHouse interior designer Katy Hines (who is newly engaged, by the way!) on something so simple yet so under talked about in design classes!

"What I didn't learn in design school" - a new series where SummerHouse interior designers talk about what they were never taught in their interior design classes //

Katy says, “Working with budgets wasn’t a huge part of our training during school, but it’s definitely something we work with every single day in this field.”

Future interior designers– This is SO important! And Katy is right… Working within a set budget is something designers have to do every day! Many of our designers practice a “high/low” method where they incorporate a couple of high dollar, high style, killer pieces in with very well priced items to maintain a certain look without totally breaking the bank. It’s a skill that can only be learned by working in the field!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little mini series. Be sure to look at all of the past posts HERE!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s weekend and we’ll see you back here next week!

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