Inside The Orange Box: “What I Didn’t Learn In Design School”


We’re going to start a new mini-series within the Inside The Orange Box series where our designers share with aspiring designers or recent interior design graduates about things they were not ever taught in design school! We’re excited to shine a little light on something that isn’t talked about quite as often as other aspects of interior design!

Our first designer to speak on the topic is our Principle Designer, Lisa Palmer.

Interior Designers in a new Always Summer Blog series: "What I Didn't Learn In Design School"

“What I never learned in school was the importance of detail in working a room. The details on a pillow. The details on drapery. The details on a leg of a sofa. It’s those details that set you apart from another designer. And also what I didn’t learn was the amount of time that it takes in making the right decisions on those details. I will spend an hour on the detail of how big a flange should be and what fabric the flange should be made from on a pillow. Or the right cord on a pillow. Or sometimes I’ll spend hours on exactly the size of banding on drapery, which might be to my detriment, but that’s how important those details are to me! I never do a room twice. I want every room I do to be completely unique.”

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Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we share more from our other designers on this topic!

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