Introducing Taylor Collection

Taylor Collection is the newest women’s boutique in Madison, and it is a MUST visit! Not only do they have beautiful clothes, jewelry, and accessories, but their interior is pretty phenomenal as well! SummerHouse designer Meagan Burks helped store owner Leigh Jernigan in the design of the space from start to finish. The result is beautiful, and Leigh and Meagan could not be happier!

Taylor Collection is located on historic Main Street in Madison right next to Persnickety. Here a few pictures of the beautiful outcome…

When we asked Leigh to tell us a little about the space and about how she and Meagan worked together, she said, “My vision for the store was a space all about comfortable, elegance. When I first decided on this space, I was very worried about transforming it into my dream. It was older and dated, and honestly it was a challenge. When I brought Meagan in, she immediately understood my vision for the store. Since the building is older, we felt like an ultra modern look would seem odd in a more historical building. She was able to add the elegance and sophistication necessary while maintaining the building’s integrity. I could not be happier with the end result. – a side note: Michael Flesher of Tri County Homes was the contractor- he was excellent and kept the project on time!”

When we asked Meagan to tell us a little bit about the project, she said, “I had so much fun helping Leigh create Taylor Collection.  We wanted the design to play up the historic Madison building while also making the store feel fresh and new.  To do this we incorporated an antique bench and armoire along with custom made shelving and hanging racks to display the clothes.  I think the store is so chic and elegant, but everything really came together when the merchandise started coming in and filling the racks.  It is a beautiful store with really beautiful clothes!”

“I am hoping the store provides Madison with a contemporary boutique that allows both mothers and daughters to shop together. I hope to have a little something for everyone!” -Leigh

Be sure to meet Leigh when you go in. She is so much fun to talk to, and extremely helpful. Getting to know her will make you love her beautiful store even more! 🙂

As always, Rachel Kabukala did an amazing job of photographing the space. Thanks, Rachel, for the beautiful photos!! And congrats, Leigh, on your grand opening!!!

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  1. I cannot thank Summerhouse enough for everything y’all have done. Meagan did an amazing job, and I could not be happier with the design of the space. Thanks so much for the support and encouragement!

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