It’s All In The Details

You might remember seeing our marketing “wintern” (winter intern) on our InstaStories over the past couple of weeks! We are so thrilled to have Makenzie Brinson with us for her winter break before she heads back for spring semester at Ole Miss!

She’s been so helpful in multiple areas, so we thought we’d get her to contribute a little to the blog, too! We asked her to come up with a concept and subsequently pull together photography and copy for her own blog post here and she totally nailed it. Below, we’ll let Mak take it away! 🙂

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It is by no coincidence, many have heard the saying, “It’s all in the details.” When designing a house or room, it is more than just having the perfect sofa, or an exquisite dining room table, all of which are very important. It also includes the picture-perfect details to make your space feel as if it has come to life.

SummerHouse owner and lead designer Lisa Palmer explains details like this: “Having great furniture is like having your little black dress, the basic necessity to any woman’s wardrobe. It is what you do with that dress that makes the outfit. Accessorizing your LBD and designing a room are very similar.”

Because of this, we took to our SummerHouse showroom floor to find our favorite accent pieces, pillows, and accessories.

It's All In The Details //

It's All In The Details //

Since Christmas is right around the corner, we could not help but notice the lovely Christmas tree that sits in our front store room. Sparkling from head to toe, this grey metallic ornament, and the others like it, is sure to help light up the tree while keeping the room extra cozy with its winter hues.

“Something old, something new” holds true to this second photo as one sees how this modern painting works perfectly with this antique table to give the old new life.

With this velvet pillow, we admire how its combination of mixed greys creates a fluent pattern that isn’t overwhelming but is instead subtle in the way it adds pretty color to a room.

It's All In The Details //

It's All In The Details //

Thanks to the pattern of the above pillow, this white patio furniture goes from basic to chic with just the touch of a pillow. Nevertheless, its natural hues leave the room looking simple and timeless.

Light up your night life with these entertaining string lights while adding a little funk by pairing them with a fierce bowl. This combo is certain to leave your friends in awe of the beauty that has invaded your space. This is all due to the fact that you understand the importance of accessorizing.

It's All In The Details //

It's All In The Details //

Sometimes detail is even found in the smallest accessory. By adding a candle, your room can not only enjoy a pop of color, but ALSO a ravishing smell to go along with it.

And finally by adding a little spunk to your patio life, these cheetah pillows are sure to wow any crowd.

As we all know, there are many different ways to liven up a room with detail. These selections are just a few of our favorites here at SummerHouse. After all, famous furniture designer & architect, Charles Eames, said it best when he said, “Details are not the details; they make the design.”


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