It’s Back has been down for several weeks while undergoing a pretty drastic revamp! And we are SO happy to say that IT’S BACK!!!

New projects, new layout, new gallery feature, new photography, new designer info… We think you’ll like what you see! Eye candy for hours!

Head on over and take a look around! And remember that all of these projects were done by SummerHouse designers so if you see something you like, we can help make your home equally as beautiful! Just give us a shout (or email a designer directly from the new site! That’s another cool feature we added!) and we can chat about your design needs!

Props to Brian at Zest Creative for taking our vision and making it a real thing! And for being patient with us design folks who tend to change trains of thought somewhat often… 🙂 We love the end result!

Have fun browsing! Hope you enjoy!

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