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Meet Artist Lynn Sanders //

We have a brand new artist here at SummerHouse whose art we are just crazy about! Our wonderful clients seem to be just as wild about it as we are because this work sure has garnered LOTS of attention!

Meet Lynn Sanders. This pretty lady sure can create some beautiful work! Get to know her just a little bit better!

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Tell us a little about yourself! Where you’re from, about your family, etc…

I grew up in Lafayette, LA but after college, and living in various other states for work, my husband and I settled in Alexandria, Louisiana, where we have lived for the past fourteen years.  We have a sixteen year old son, two cats and two dogs.

How long have you been painting? What got you into painting?

I was always your typical creative person growing up; taking art lessons and being in charge of school dance decorations. Prior to my art career I did management and marketing/special events for shopping centers. So there was a history of creativity. Finally, about ten years ago my cousin inspired me to start painting again. She is also an artist and lives in Memphis. I began by creating paintings for children’s rooms which morphed into painting abstractly. Six years ago I quit my day job and have never looked back.

How do you describe your style? It’s so beautiful, whimsy, and unique!! We love it! 

I am an abstract expressionist so my style is free flowing. I do not get bogged down in the minute details of painting, but look at the big picture. Although the pieces take a while to complete I think they all reflect my impatience. The acrylic medium and tool I paint with really are reflective of my impatient nature.  Although the pieces may take a while to complete my painting process is fast.   I would love to paint small but my process just does not lend itself to small formats.  Painting large is my real passion.

We have a great selection of your abstract pieces in our showroom. Is this your primary style, or do you have other styles/mediums you use that we don’t show here at SummerHouse? 

I am always trying new processes and I feel my strokes and compositions have evolved over the past ten years.  So you never know I may have a new style on the horizon.  Lately I have incorporated linen textures to my canvases and this is something I am currently experimenting with.  In the past, I have painted koi fish and birds.  They are very specific to me and I do not paint the koi fish much anymore (painted them from 2006 – 2012).  I have done birds since 2012 when I retired the koi.  I think there are seven or eight bird paintings hanging in homes across the South. I do a couple of them a year.  It’s good to step away from the abstracts for a bit.

What is the most exciting design project you’ve ever gotten to be a part of?!

Gosh, the best part of my job is going in so many wonderful homes!!! However, my most exciting project was being asked to do Charley G’s restaurant in Lafayette. The restaurant was being remodeled and they wanted a more contemporary feel and used my art to convey that idea.  So all the artwork in the restaurant is mine.  That’s pretty cool.

What would you say inspires your work most?

My mood, music, and my love for beautiful things are the biggest influences on my paintings. Whether it is a beautiful horizon or a lovely home, those are the things that inspire me to create.  It is so humbling to see my work in the context of a beautiful room that has been artfully designed, either by the owner or interior designer. I have always had a passion for decorating so my work goes hand in hand with that.

What else do we need to know about you?!

I spent a month last summer living in an art colony on Nantucket Island. I have many funny stories from that experience.  I had a wonderful time and hope to do it again in the future.  Besides that, I love the beach, animals, tennis, novels by Jane Austen and the South!

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Many thanks to Lynn for allowing us to get to know her a little bit better! Stop by the showroom or check out our online shop to see more of Lynn’s work! It’s safe to say that we’re obsessed with her beautiful colors and style! 🙂

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