Mason Dixon Cocktail Recipe


If you attended our Barry Dixon event last month, you likely remember the signature cocktail from the evening: The Mason Dixon.

The Mason Dixon is a lovely, refreshing summery cocktail perfect for any southern gathering (which was actually dreamed up by our very own Marty Smith and our next door neighbors at Calistoga Wine and Spirits.)

So you can make it for your friends, we’re sharing the recipe! This recipe is for a bulk amount, so make sure you’ve got a lot of people to help you drink this! It ends up making just about two gallons.

The Mason Dixon bulk cocktail recipe // SummerHouse

What you’ll need:

1 gallon water
1/2 gallon vodka
20 oz. lemon juice
500 mL agave nectar
2 liters ginger ale
fresh rosemary sprigs
fresh sliced cucumber

How you’ll make it:

Mix water, vodka, lemon juice, and agave nectar together in large urn and refrigerate. When ready to serve, pour individual servings over ice and top with a little ginger ale. Add rosemary sprig and cucumber slice.

{ ENJOY! }

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