Master Bedroom Before And After


We’ve got a fabulous BEFORE AND AFTER to show y’all today!

This B&A is at one of the sweetest client’s homes! Her master bedroom was in need of a a clean-up and an update. She wanted things to be a bit softer, lighter, and a bit less cluttered. Here is what the room looked like before the SummerHouse touch was placed:

Before and After: Master Bedroom // SummerHouse


After Lisa and Elish worked a little magic, got some new items on order, re-finished a few of the items the client already had, and rearranged the room, things were looking much better!

Master Bedroom // SummerHouse
The art above the Hickory Chair bed is from View Gallery just a couple of doors down!

Master Bedroom // SummerHouse

Master Bedroom // SummerHouse

Master Bedroom // SummerHouse

So what do you think? Do you like the AFTER pictures?! We loved how it turned out, as did the client. She said she cried when she walked in for the first time after the old had been taken out and the new had taken it’s place! It’s moments like that that make our jobs in this business so rewarding 🙂

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  1. The bedroom looks gorgeous. There is a big difference between the look of the bedroom before and after. I very much liked the bed itself and the small sofa as well as the TV. Overall it is made according my taste.

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