MAYMOD Tickets Now Available!

MAYMOD: A Runway Event

Exciting announcement: MAYMOD tickets are now available for purchase! 

General Admission tickets are $20 if you purchase now, or $25 if you wait until the day of the event. VIP reserved-seating tickets are $120 and are only available for purchase before the show! The first 25 VIP ticket purchasers will receive some pretty amazing SWAG BAGS that our friend Gareth at Noggins is working hard to assemble. You’ll definitely want one 😉

{{{ Not sure what MAYMOD is? Click here! }}}

The value of the reserved seat, even if you don’t get in on a swag bag, is that you’ll have a place to sit right next to the runway! We’ll put your name on a chair and nobody but you will be able to sit there. You’ll have the best view of the show. You’ll be able to get the best shots of all the action. AND, the money we raise is going to Magnolia Speech School, so of course it’s for a great cause!

Hop on over to to purchase your tickets. We are getting so excited about all the #maymodness!

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