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Meet Camille Holland! // www.alwayssummerblog.comWe’re excited to introduce you to yet another new face around SummerHouse! This is Camille (like the hurricane) Holland (like the country), as she said when she came to her first staff meeting! This girl is full of life, smiles, and excitement! We are absolutely loving having this girl around as our newest design assistant!

Since many of you will be working with Camille, it’s probably time you learned a thing or two about this brown headed beauty! Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Tell us about yourself! Where you’re from, where you went to school, about your family… All that stuff!

I’m from Brandon, MS. I graduated from Mississippi State (HAIL STATE!) with a BS in Interior Design and then moved to New Orleans for a position with a hospitality design firm. I had the opportunity to leave New Orleans and move back to my home town, and I’m so glad I did because now I’m here at Summerhouse! I have incredible parents that support my decisions and my career in every way possible. My sister, brother-in-law, and one-year-old nephew have a passion for traveling and have hosted my family at their home for the past five holiday seasons in Truckee, CA (near Lake Tahoe). This year they are on the East Coast!

My boyfriend, Reggie, is the most supportive, loving, and encouraging man I have ever met. Most people don’t understand how I handle him being gone six months out of the year due to his job overseas, but I just tell them that he doesn’t ever let me realize he is gone! My adorable fur baby, Dottie, could have come from a children’s book– she is so funny and mischievous. Just the other day she was playing hide and seek with my parent’s big dog like she was his size, and then the game turned into chase and I think she actually won!

2. What made you want to go into Interior Design?

From a very young age, I enjoyed rearranging my bedroom, and was always pleading with my parents to let me paint my room a new color and get new accessories. As I get older, I really enjoy discussing plans and technicalities with my dad, a residential hard-scapes contractor, and I really look up to him and the respect he has earned due to his hard work and character.

3. Where is your favorite place to grab lunch and what’s your go-to menu item?!

That is a tough question because I love food! Right now, anything at Lou’s Full-Serv in Belhaven!!

4. What do you like most about SummerHouse so far?

The warm welcome by all the designers, staff, and clients of Summerhouse. The workplace has such an influence on your attitude, and working with such creative and friendly people and for such precious clients is the spark that makes Summerhouse so awesome!

5. How do you take your caffeine?

Any way I can get it! Haha, but a breve latte is my go-to morning drink! I don’t think caffeine is the place to skimp on calories!

6. What’s the last [semi-noteworthy] trip you went on? Tell us a little about it!

This Summer, Reggie and I met up with our friends from Starkville in Mobile, AL and floated the Styx River! That night we all went to dinner and had the most amazing seafood and celebrated one of my best friend’s birthdays! It was a fun weekend getaway with friends, and was extra special because Reggie was home to enjoy it too!

7. What’s something interesting about you that none of us would guess?!

Well, since junior high school, my favorite hobby has been off-road rock crawling in my dad’s buggies! It started as a family hobby and has grown into a much larger group of friends that I consider family! I’m pretty sure I was driving Jeeps and buggies before I had my learner’s permit!

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Thank you so much, Camille! Great info! 🙂 So glad you are up here!!!

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