Meet Danielle!

We have a new face for y’all to get familiar with around here! (And we have several position changes to tell you about, too!)

Danielle Rooney // SummerHouseDanielle Rooney // SummerHouseFirst, the new face. Meet Danielle Rooney, our new receptionist! Danielle is absolutely precious, and the most perfect addition to our fun-loving team up here at SH! Jen, our former receptionist, will now be our web store manager! She’s got a major in photography and is just really good with computers in general, so it was a natural fit. Patty, our former web store manager, is now going to be Lisa’s assistant! Having worked as a design assistant before, and because she and Lisa just gel so well, this too was a natural fit! That means Mary Courtney, Lisa’s former assistant, is now a designer! Yay for Mary Court! We know she’s going to do a killer job and we can’t wait to see all of the gorgeous projects she’ll get to work on with you guys!

Now it’s time for our traditional Q&A with the newbie!

Tell us about yourself!

I am from Madison! I split my time pretty evenly between Ole Miss and Southern. I am finishing up my degree in Public Relations at Southern, and I will be graduating in May. My dad is from Ireland, but he is currently living in Brussels, Belgium! He works for International Paper. My older brother also works for International Paper and is living in Memphis. My mom lives here in Madison, and she works for Lee Hawkins Realty. My step dad, Toby, is my world! He lives in Madison too and he works for Hemphill. He’s wonderful! He’s always treated me like his own daughter. I have an Australian Shepherd named Meeko, and I’m obsessed with her. She’s such a diva!

From where do you think your interest in interior design stems?

I realized that my interest started when I was traveling. I started re-telling my traveling stories by using details of what the place looked like, using very small details. The look and feel of whatever place I was in created the mood and memories for me. I realized that I wanted to be a part of that and help others to have memories of their own. I could learn about different people and their lifestyles. I could create an atmosphere that helps people feel happy and proud of their own space. I just really wanted to be part of that!

What’s your favorite design publication and why?

I would have to say I really love Southern Living. I really love the country/farmhouse/cottage look. It tends to show very light and airy houses with hues of light greens and blues. I love that! My dream house would be a little beach cottage on the South Carolina shore.

Where would your dream vacation be?

Hmm. I have never been to Hawaii, and I have always wanted to. I would also love to go to Greece! I think that is my next stop on my European check list.

What’s your favorite local place to eat in the metro Jackson area and why?

Definitely Babalu! Their guacamole, sangria, and tuna tacos are to die for. Not to mention, I just love the ambiance and outside patio. The best time of year to eat at Babalu is the summer when you can sit outside at night.

What TV show are you currently most obsessed with?!

It’s a little bit cheesy, but I am obsessed with The Vampire Diaries!

How do you take your caffeine?

Always and in any way possible. My favorite coffee shop is Cups! I go probably at least once a day. I either get a cappuccino, or if I’m craving something sweet, I’ll get an iced Blondie Latte with espresso ice cubes!

If you could have any one superpower, what would it be?

This is always such a hard one for me. I think I would love to fly. My favorite thing in the world is traveling, but I have such a fear of planes, even though I’ve been flying since I was 4. It would be perfect if I could fly anywhere in the world!

What’s your favorite way to spend a little free time?

Anytime I can just be outside enjoying the sunshine and running around with my dog. I also love to spend time with my best friend and her two baby boys!

What was the best part about your first day at SummerHouse?

Everyone that works here is just so sweet and welcoming! They made me feel so comfortable and like I was part of the family already. I’m excited to keep learning about design and getting to know everyone!

/ / / / /  \ \ \ \ \

Thank you for allowing us to get to know you a little better, Danielle! Looking forward to having you around! 😉

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