Meet Elizabeth Gullett

Elizabeth Gullett

Meet our newest designer, Elizabeth Gullett!  She and her husband recently moved from Memphis, TN and seem to be loving life down here in Mississippi.  Elizabeth has jumped right in as a designer here at SummerHouse!  With several years of interior design experience under her belt, her transition was easy!  Elizabeth got her design degree from University of Memphis, then moved out to Los Angeles to do graduate work at UCLA.

Laurel:  So what was your favorite part about design in LA?

Elizabeth:  Well, I started working in real estate right when I moved out there and this really affected my design asthetic. I fell in love with the fresh, clean, open feeling that the west coast embraces in their homes. Outdoor spaces are a priority, not an afterthought… And the interior flows into the exterior beautifully. (The 70 degree weather must factor in here somewhere!)  Even in many of the most expensive houses, families enjoy a casual, relaxed, “lived-in” look, but still keep their homes sophisticated and stylish in the same moment.

Laurel:  So what are some principles you learned in working out there that you can bring back to your work here?

Elizabeth:  Their blend of style with comfort, and sophistication with life, is what I love to help people achieve. I want to know about my client’s hobbies (Do you dirt bike, or do you host book club? Or do we do both?), their pets, their friends, their entertaining style… and of course about their children (or plans for them!)  Most people know what they like when they see it.  It’s cliche, but true.  Most people don’t know how to organize all of these thoughts and things that they love into a single room, or an entire home. That’s where we as designers come in.

“Their blend of style with comfort, and sophistication with life, is what I love to help people achieve.”

You know how you buy that perfect shirt, or that perfect jacket, in that perfect color, and think, “Wow, this is so ME, I feel so great in this.  It’s perfect!”  Think if you felt that way about every item in your closet… Never a Monday with nothing to wear!  Now think if you felt that way about every item in your home!!  My goal as a designer is to do that for my clients.  I want my client’s home to be their favorite place; an escape from the outside world into THEIR world where it really is all about them.  My primary job as a designer is research, and digging!!  I need to know what they love better than THEY know what they love.

Laurel:  What is the most rewarding part of working in interior design?

Elizabeth:  My favorite words to hear from my client are these, after they see their new room for the first time:  “I had NO IDEA it would look this amazing! I mean, I saw things by themselves…but together….How did you know I would love it all?”  My answer: It’s my job…and I love that it is. That is SO rewarding!

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