Meet Jordan Carter!

Meet Jordan Carter // www.alwayssummerblog.comWe have a new face on our design team that we are so excited to introduce to y’all! Meet Jordan Carter, our newest interior design assistant! This girl is smart, organized, and super fun! So naturally, she fits right in up here 😉

We think you’ll enjoy getting to know Jordan as much as we have! Here’s our traditional Q&A with the newbie… 🙂

1. Tell us about yourself!

I feel blessed to have grown up in Daphne, Alabama, on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay. I loved growing up on the water and experiencing the scenic Alabama outdoors with family and friends.

I earned my degree in architecture from Auburn University (War Eagle!) and have worked in that field for five years. I recently decided to transition to interior design, and I am excited to begin this new chapter!

My husband and I moved to Jackson last year for his residency at UMMC. We have enjoyed getting acquainted with our new city and making our lovely house a home.

2. Tell us a little about how you became interested in design! Did you always know you loved design, or did you discover your interest some other way?

I have always known that I was interested in design. I remember my father and me touring houses that were under construction and I would tell him all about my design strategies. I would explain what each room would be and show him the way I would lay each room out.

3. What was your first impression of SummerHouse?

My first impression of SummerHouse was the charm. From the sweet southern women to the beautiful design of the showroom floor, I was immediately drawn to it all. To say I am excited to be working at SummerHouse is an understatement!

4. Are you an early bird or a night owl? Feel free to let us in on a snippet of your early bird or night owl routine! 🙂

I feel like I get asked this question a lot and I have decided that I am neither an early bird nor a night owl. I don’t drink coffee (Weird, I know.) so it takes me a little bit of time to wake up in mornings and I don’t like staying up too late. I am more of a middle of the day person so this job is perfect for me!

5. What is your favorite source of visual/design inspiration?

My favorite source of design inspiration is Instagram. A daily source of new, stylish designs are literally at your fingertips. The designers and brands you can follow are endless. I always find myself scrolling through Instagram when I have a minute of time to spare and bookmarking my favorite designs.

6. We’ve noticed you have great style! Where do you like to shop?

My favorite place to shop is in my mother’s closet! She has such great style and has dressed me my entire life. She has spoiled me so much that I don’t even like shopping without her. When I am in need of new clothes, Ann Taylor Loft is a go to since they have petite sizes for my 5’-2” frame.

7. If you could eat anything in the world for supper tonight, what would you eat?!

My favorite meal on earth has to be surf and turf. A filet mignon with a lobster tail on top is mouth watering good. There is nothing better than a meal from the land and sea!

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