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We are so thrilled to have interior designer Katherine Shelton back at SummerHouse! She was here for several years, then got married, moved away, had a couple of beautiful boys, and is back in the Jackson area getting right back into her SummerHouse groove! For those of you who don’t have the pleasure of knowing Katherine, here is a quick Q&A to find out a little more about her!

(1) Tell us a little about yourself!SummerHouse Interior Designer Katherine Shelton //

My name is Katherine Gatlin Shelton from Madison, MS. I am married to Rustin Shelton and we have three children together, all boys! We spend most all of our time playing baseball, football, and soccer.

(2) What is your favorite way to spend a day off of work?

Favorite way to spend a day off of work… I like to sleep in, go for a run, and get a mani/pedi!

(3) Why are you most looking forward to being back at SummerHouse?!

I am so excited to be back at Summerhouse! I love working in such a beautiful environment with so much design inspiration everywhere you look.

(4) What is the best movie you’ve seen in the last year or so?

Because I have children, the best movie I have seen in the past year is Disney’s Brave. My boys and I LOVE watching this movie!

(5) How do you take your caffeine?

I like flavored coffees with three creams and one splenda. The flavor I’m really liking right now is Caramel Vanilla!

(6) What is your favorite design publication?

I just love House Beautiful. It is my most favorite go-to magazine when I need some design inspiration or when I have some time to just sit and flip through something.

(7) What’s your favorite local restaurant in the Jackson area?

I love the food and atmosphere of Table 100 in Flowood.

(8) How would you describe your personal design style?

My personal style tends to be very eclectic. I love an old piece of french furniture lacquered a creamy white with funky brass hardware. A piece like that looks great paired up with a light color linen chair, a bold mod print pillow, a clean lined lamp, and a big abstract piece of art. I am always evolving as a designer so my taste tends to change a good bit. My clients’ homes reflect their own tastes, though, rather than my own.

(9) Anything else we need to know about you?!?!

As a designer I love the fulfillment of a very happy client when the job is complete and they love what I have done. It makes this line of work so gratifying!

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  1. Katherine is fantastic! Thanks to Katherine and Summerhouse, my home was featured in several publications and a tv show!!! Couldn’t ask for better than these talented and fantastic designers.

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